Machine embroidery is a great way to decorate clothing, hats, and bags. But did you know you can also use it to decorate your home? There are endless possibilities!

home decor project collage

How our home is decorated says a lot about us and our style. It can add elegance and personality to your space while also displaying uniqueness.

Let’s explore machine embroidery in home decor/ interior design and how it can add to your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Why Use Machine Embroidery In Your Home

We all like to put our personal touches in our homes, so why not really personalize it while having fun? Think about how you can incorporate your own style into your home decor. Brainstorm unique designs that reflect your personality. Have fun exploring home decor ideas!

Creating your own embroidered home decor pieces can be wallet-friendly. You can save money on decor. Visit your local dollar or budget store to purchase blanks. Or, use fabric from your stash to create your own homemade pieces.

Not only can you transform your living space on a budget, but you can also personalize it exactly how you want! From different fabrics to different colored threads to using different designs, your options are endless!

Home Decor Embroidery

When creating home decor with machine embroidery, it is important to use the correct tools. This includes the right embroidery scissors, the appropriate embroidery thread for the fabric and design, and proper machine maintenance. But another critical factor is to use high-quality embroidery designs! The last thing you want is a bird’s nest forming on the back of your newly stitched throw pillow.

Explore our 30,000 stitch-friendly embroidery designs. These designs will produce excellent results. Allow your creative mind to wander!

Remember, you can easily personalize any embroidery design. Use a free 30-day trial of Hatch Software, where you use it like you own it. 

Now for the exciting part! Below is a houseful of ideas for personalizing your home with embroidery art. Take notes as to what’s next on your embroidered decor list. 

Embroidered Pillows

A decorative pillow is just the right touch to add a pop of creativity or color to any room. It’s also a great way to show your holiday or team spirit or personalize it with some initials! Here’s a list of different pillows for you to consider.

Holiday Pillows

Many people forget how fun it is to rotate out home furnishings. We can add new pillows to a comfy couch for some holiday spirit.

Easter pillow

Change your pillows like we change seasons; Christmas, Easter, or Halloween designs, we’ve got your next pillow covered, literally!

Christmas Truck

Statement Pillows

These elegant pillows can class up average furniture in the living room or bedroom. There are many pillow blanks and pillow covers you can buy to give a boost.

bird of paradise cushion

Sometimes the statement really is a statement! We love a good embroidered throw pillow.

Embellishment Pillow

Baby announcements are long-lasting and personalized keepsakes.

baby announcement pillow

Embroidery fonts can help make or break any embroidery project. Ever heard of ESA embroidery fonts? Let’s call them pure magic, as they sound too good to be true! (But they are).

They are 100% customizable at the click of a button for your personalize items!

Recovery/Comfort Pillows

Pillows can be used for comfort and recovery. Whether for kids or adults, these functional pillows make not feeling great feel a whole lot better! The first day of school or medical treatment is always better with a piece of home.

A quick and easy side pocket can hold everything you need. Port pillows for medical treatments can keep IV ports clean and safe.

comfort pillow

Artistic Personalized Pillows

Spice up your home with your home by creating your own personalized sayings pillow. Set the mood of your room by creating an inviting atmosphere.


Create this exact motif-filled pineapple pillow with our step-by-step project tutorial! Remember you can create different variations to create different looks.

Hatch Personalized Project Floral Frame

How gorgeous is this floral monogram frame pillow? Create your own floral monogram pillow to make your room stand out. It would also make a great personalized gift! Take our lesson to get started.