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Make Your Own Custom Embroidery Patches

Embroidery Patches Made Easy

Embroidery patches are an artistic way to share a piece of yourself with the world. Merging our decades of experience with today’s modern technology, scroll down to see our new patch-making methods that’ll allow you to easily create custom patches and get the best results possible

Embroidery Patches Made Easy

Easily attached to a cap, backpack, or jacket, custom embroidery patches are a creative way to showcase your interests while also humbly highlighting your embroidery talents. Since 1958 our family has created over 10 million patches for companies like Disney, the Boy Scouts, the NBA, and more.

How to Make Custom Embroidery Patches

Embroidery Patch Design Files

Clean, crisp merrowed™ edges are the trademark of professional-looking embroidery patches. Traditionally, these edges are created using a specialized patch machine which most embroiderers don’t own.

So, to ensure you get the best results possible using only your embroidery machine, John Deer created some specially digitized embroidery design files that replicate the beautiful classic edges patches are famous for.

These expertly digitized embroidery designs allow you to insert your designs or lettering into the patch outlines, and at the press of a button, easily create custom patches with any materials of your choice!

Ultimate Ready Made Patch Bundle

Ready-Made Embroidery Patches

Our “Ready-Made Patches” are designed to save you time & give you the most professional results possible. These Patches are completely ready to be embroidered. Manufactured with commercial specifications including true Merrowed™ Borders, these are the real deal.

Simply insert your logo/lettering within our “perfect placement” embroidery files, hoop the patch (we’ll show you how with bite-sized video tutorials), and hit the start button.

Having a finished patch with a merrow border already completed instantly increases your profits and saves you a minimum of 3000 stitches of production time.

Ultimate Ready Made Patch Bundle
Embroidery Patch Supplies

Although you can use a number of different materials and stabilizers to create your own patches, we know from experience which products will help produce the best-embroidered results. With our patch supplies, you can use the best materials possible to create unique professional-looking patches from scratch in a variety of personalized colors:

  • Patch-backed poly Twill with Buckram to promote clean edges and reduce fraying
  • Prep Patch Film to ensure the designs you choose to embroiderer on your patches will pop
  • And Post-Patch Iron-On to seal and produce professional results on the unfished side of your patch

It’s no Mystery, Embroidery Patches Are Our History

You may know us from the award-winning quality of our machine embroidery designs – but did you know that these famous brands have trusted us to make their patches?

NHLMLB embroidery patches

NHL & MLB Sports Teams

Classic Walt Disney World Embroidery Patches

Walt Disney World

Boy Scouts Patches

Boy Scouts & Girl Guides

Throughout 30+ years in our two commercial embroidery factories, our family created millions of patches for companies across North America. Drawing from our embroidery roots, our new patches made easy products now make professional patch making easier and faster than ever before!

New to Embroidery Patch Making?

Watch Our Patches Made Easy Webinar for Free!

This sold-out webinar replay will teach you how to create your own custom patches quicker and easier than ever before with our new proven in-the-hoop patch-making techniques. Drawing from our embroidery roots, you’ll learn the historical approach to creating patches and how we have innovated the process so that you can achieve professional results every time.

Plus, as an exclusive bonus for enrolling in the course, we’re also including a free circular patch embroidery design download! That way, you can try making your own custom embroidery patches on your machine!