Ready-Made Embroidery Patches

Our “Ready-Made Patches” are designed to save you time & give you the most professional results possible. These Patches are completely ready to be embroidered. Simply insert your logo/lettering within our “perfect placement” embroidery files, hoop the patch, and hit the start button. Manufactured with commercial specifications including true merrowed™ borders, these are the real deal.

Ultimate Ready Made Patches Bundle – Save $56

If you know you want to make custom embroidery patches, having a wide range of ready-made embroidery patches in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors allows you to be prepared for any creative opportunity that comes your way.

This bundle features 288 embroidery patches. 72 circular, 72 square, 72 rectangular, and 72 oval-shaped embroidery patches in a variety of colors and sizes (ranging from 2.5″ to 3.5″) and is our absolute best deal to get started with custom patch making. It includes free shipping within the continental USA.

Ultimate Ready Made Patch Bundle

What Makes These Patches Special?

Guaranteed embroidery patch placement process

Guaranteed Placement Process

You’ve likely seen ready-made embroidery patches before, but never like this! We’ve simplified the custom patch-making process with our easy-to-follow guaranteed placement process!

That’s right, no more struggling with lining up your patches, having them move around while being embroidered on, or ending up with uncentered designs and sloppy looking results.

Our guaranteed placement process first lays an outline stitch that you line your patch up with. Once lined up, it runs an E-stitch over the merrow to hold your patch securely in place. After you’ve finished embroidering whatever design you want onto your patch, simply cut a few of the bobbin stitches from the back, and the front stitches will easily pull away without damaging the patch. Leaving you with a flawless custom embroidery patch every time that’s sure to impress!

Save Time & Money

Having created millions of commercial embroidery patches, we can tell you first-hand that these patches are the real deal. These patches are manufactured with commercial specifications and true merrowed™ borders.

Our “Ready-Made Patches” are designed to give you the most professional results possible using our “Patches Made Easy” perfect placement embroidery file kits. Simply insert your logo/lettering within our “perfect placement” embroidery files and hit the start button.

Using these finished patches with merrow™ borders already completed instantly increases your profits by saving you a minimum of 3000 stitches of production time. You will quickly realize that our “ready-made patches”, translates into profits!

Create Your Embroidery Legacy Patch