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Important: Like most people, you’re likely here because you’ve already completed Level 1 of the Digitizer’s Dream Course & seen first hand why our superior education has helped over 10,000 students learn how to digitize. If you haven’t done level 1 yet, I highly recommend that you begin there as the theory covered in that level is extremely important.

Level 2 continues where level 1 left off & focuses on the 2nd primary stitch type used in machine embroidery: the satin stitch.

Whether you want to be able to truthfully tell your family & friends “I made it from scratch”, make some extra money with embroidery, or simply better your embroidery self, the ‘Digitizer’s Dream Course’ is perfect for you! The name of our site says it all: ‘Digitizing Made Easy’.

What Exactly Does Level 2 Cover?

  • You’ll learn how to digitize corners with very sharp angles: learning the theory of how to section and path an object that your software would not correctly generate.
  • Unlock the mystery of why results change from screen to machine: Your embroidered designs can look so perfect on your computer screen and then end up sewing out terribly on your embroidery machine. Digitizers quickly learn the rule… “What you see on screen isn’t always what sews out” when it comes to embroidery. The key is understanding push and compensation. It will ensure you get positive results, minimize editing, and remove the need to run multiple test samples.
  • You’ll learn how using proper underlay with push and pull compensation will assist in visually making your designs look perfect when they stitch out.
  • You’ll learn how to create clean, crisp lettering. The mark of a good Digitizer is clean text. In this level, you’ll apply the theory you’ve learned and manually digitize lettering. You’ll understand how to map/path lettering based on the direction of the text and to join closest point between letters. Manually digitizing text will build a foundation that applies to all the aspects of manually digitizing satin stitch objects.
  • Finally, you’ll apply the theory you’ve learned by digitizing three different font types. It is vitally important that we put these principles into practical exercises. This will help you not only with creating clean, crisp fonts but with all objects using a satin stitch. Logically pathing objects is one of the most critical attributes in becoming a skilled digitizer.

The Digitizing Dream Course is Directly Taught in 10 of Industry’s Leading Software Brands

Embroidery Digitizing Class

Digitizing Dream Course Level 2 Overview

Focusing on the satin stitch, this level will cover topics such as stitch length, densities, understanding short stitches in relation to stitch length and assessing shape angles based on the width of the stitch. Starting with basic satin stitch shapes and progressing to the most difficult ones, we’ll learn how to digitize each of them using specific tools within your software. Level 2 of the digitizing dream course includes:

  • 1.5 hours of interactive video which is split into 4 bite sized video lessons taught directly in the software brand you own. These videos can be streamed from any computer or mobile device
  • Digitize 11 Designs Yourself using artwork we supply. Moving from simple to more complex, you’ll digitize 12 designs with help from John so you can better understand & retain the theory taught.
  • 1 Certification Lesson. This is a final ‘test’ after you’ve completed level 2. Here you’ll digitize a design completely by yourself using the theory you’ve learnt & send in your finished design to be evaluated by John personally. You’ll receive an official ‘Satin-Stitch Certificate” for completing the certification lesson.
Dizitizers Dream Course level 2

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Proven Results

Here’s what our satisfied students have to say…

Meryl Robinson testimonial

“Cannot recommend these lessons enough

The digitizing course from Digitizing Made Easy is the best around, without question. Start at the beginning & work your way through. It will be money well spent. I quickly grasped the software & learnt so much more, to the extent that I was able to start up my own small business.

– Meryl Robinson

Janet Bergeron testimonial

“Great lessons!

I am brand new to digitizing and recently purchased the interactive lessons. One of the first lessons was teaching digitizing of a floral heart – I was able to bring in the artwork, digitize the design and stitch it out on a kitchen towel! It stitched flawlessly! I am so impressed that within the first few lessons I was able to get something stitched!

– Janet Bergeron


Eline Ghesquiere Testimonial

“Thanks to John Deer I now like digitizing more than actual embroidery

I bought the course from John & everything is explained so clearly. I learned so much. I’m starting to make my first few designs for paying customers while saving up for a bigger embroidery machine.Just start it people, you don’t know how fun it is until you give digitizing a try! You can do it!

– Eline Ghesquiere


Carol Smith Testimonial

“John breaks it down into small sections that are easy to follow

The lessons are very informative, I would highly recommend John’s digitizing course to anyone who wants to learn to digitize. My designs have improved considerably… finally everything has come together. John teaches you the way he was taught many years ago before the age of computers & brings it into the computer age. So why wouldn’t you want to learn from the Master?

– Carol Smith


About This Course’s Instructor

Jhon Deer World's Most Awarded Digitizer

John Deer has been the most awarded embroidery digitizer in the world for over 20 years now. As a 4th generation embroiderer, John has an incredibly unique history in the embroidery digitizing industry as he is the last remaining Schiffli Master Digitizer still alive & teaching in North America. John learned and apprenticed under Swiss Schiffli Master Digitizers (then known as “punchers”) over 35 years ago in his grandparent’s factory, before computers even entered the digitizing world.

In the 1990’s-2000s John owned & ran one of North America’s largest commercial digitizing house, where he did the digitizing for many large corporations including: Disney, Coca-Cola, GM, the NFL, & the NBA. John has personally won 30 separate digitizing awards in the commercial industry and wrote the book on digitizing called “Digitizing Made Easy” which has sold over 44,300 copies & is used in Universities across the United States to teach those studying textile.

Improve EVERY Aspect of Your Machine Embroidery

Without understanding HOW an embroidery design is created, you won’t understand WHY your embroidery machine does what it does. The fundamentals taught in this course such as the stitch types being used, density, push / pull compensation & underlay are key towards the success of stitching ANY embroidery project.

  • Save time & stop endlessly searching for the right designs: There are tons of embroidery designs out there. Yet how much time have you wasted trying to find the perfect design for a specific project? Stop looking. Start creating.
  • Save money & stop paying others for designs: How much money have you wasted buying other people’s embroidery designs or paying someone else to create you something custom? Don’t let your software collect dust. Invest in yourself today!

You already know the Digitizer’s Dream Course works. Save yourself both time & money and continue learning the beautiful art of digitizing today.