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Stop the Embroidery Hooping Frustration with the Echidna Hooping Station

What Makes This Hooping Aid Special?

You’ve likely seen other hooping stations, systems, boards, aids & devices in the past… but never like this! These unique features make the Echidna Hooping Station extremely easy to use & stand above the competition:

Non-Slip Surface:

Non-Slip Surface

Stop chasing your hoops around the table. The non-slip surface & magnets hold your hoops securely in place each & every time.

Powerful Magnets:

Powerful Magnets

Unlike other hooping stations that use a peg-board system & require a manual for proper placement, powerful magnets allow you complete control over hoop placement for ANY project. Plus, the powerful reusable magnets eliminate the need to use messy spray adhesives, pins, clips & tape that gum up your hoops.

Durable Mold Injected Design:

Durable Mold Injected Design

The new mold injected design makes the new Echidna Hooping Stations stronger than ever! These durable systems will keep you hooping perfectly for years to come.

Double Sided:

Double Sided

How does buy 1 get 1 free sound? Each Echidna Hooping Station has 2 different-sized usable boards on either side of it. This allows you to always have the perfect-sized hooping station surface for virtually any project you can imagine!

Angled Frame Design:

Angled Frame Design

Each of the double-sided ergonomic frames is angled perfectly to eliminate stress on your wrists while hooping. This also makes the hooping station perfect for hooping difficult tubular items like shirts, sleeves, socks, baby onesies & more. Simply slip them around the frame & hoop!

No Additional Attachments Required:

No Additional Attachments

Unlike other hooping stations on the market, you don’t have to purchase multiple attachments for the different-sized hoops you own & machine brands. This saves you money as the Echidna Hooping Station will work for virtually every sized hoop & machine brand on the market.

Stop Struggling… Make Hooping Easy Today!

Do you like hooping? I didn’t think so. Hooping is the annoying first step that must be carefully done before anything can be embroidered. Although it sounds easy enough, you know better. The slightest wrinkle or the wrong angle can completely ruin any embroidery project.

Think about it: how much time have you wasted chasing your embroidery hoop around the table? Or worse, how many items have you ruined by accidentally hooping your fabric poorly, making the embroidery lean to one side or the other?

Hooping mistakes are an expensive mistake to make!

Thankfully, there is a solution! The new Echidna Hooping Station is an essential embroidery tool that uses magnets to allow you to hoop quicker & easier than ever! Simply place your hoop on the elevated board, secure it in place with magnets & hoop! The non-slip surface and powerful magnets hold your hoop firmly in place. This allows you to line up your project perfectly every time to avoid crocked-looking embroidery, wrinkles & registration issues.

Now Available in 2 Sizes!

The Echidna Hooping Station is now available in two sizes for both larger & small hoops. The large dual-sided hooping station is perfect for hooping bigger items such as garments, jacket backs, towels, blankets, or really anything that requires a large-sized hoop. The small dual-sided hooping station is perfectly sized to hoop smaller articles like baby clothes, socks, sleeves, the Embroider Buddy range & more.


 embroidery Echidna Hooping Station

Half the Price of Most Other Quality Hooping Aids

Large Hooping Station

Large side 45cm x 42.5cm

Small side 45cm x 33cm

Only $34995

Combo Hooping Stations

Get Both & Save
Only $499
Reg. $54990

Small Hooping Station

Large side 43.5cm x 20cm

Small side 43.5cm x 10cm

Only $19995

Echidna Hooping Station Reviews

Here’s what our satisfied customers are saying…

Cindi Elwood Testimonial

“I absolutely love this product.

I was very frustrated with hooping. No more chasing stabilizer under the garments anymore! Hooping is so FAST and EASY! It is definitely everything I had hoped for… now I can place my design in the same spot every time! The changeover in sizes is just a matter of flipping over my station…  Love the non-slip surface and the repositionable magnets hold my hoop and stabilizer firmly in place to enable easy hooping and perfect embroidery placement. For all my projects from Infant, Youth, Adult and everything in between all in one place! The money spent on my Echidna Hooping Station was VERY WELL spent! You will love it! It’s worth every penny! It adds consistency and ease to all the projects that I do.

– Cindi Elwood

Mary Easley Testimonial

“Wow the Echidna Hooping Station is a game changer

As soon as I got it I just happened to get an order of 14 work shirts for a customer. Always kinda thought oh boy now what. Since I got the Echidna Hooping Station, now I don’t regret taking the order. I was able to do those shirts in a day no problem at all. no slipping or anything ,hooped perfect everytime. Thank you again for the new fantastic tool to make my life easier and my business faster.

– Mary Easley 

Quality Guaranteed

Made from high-grade materials, these hooping aids are built to last. Whether you use yours every day for business purposes, or just occasionally to make hooping difficult items easier, each Echidna Hooping Station comes with a full 1 year warranty.

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Embroidery Hooping Has Never Been this Easy

Imagine not having to struggle and become frustrated with your embroidery hooping, but instead being able to easily hoop almost any item in seconds! Whether you’re a home embroiderer or small embroidery business owner, the Echidna Hooping Station is perfect for you! Plus, order today & receive free shipping and bonuses design packs (supplies are limited and given on a first-come, first server basis).

Stop your hooping frustration with the Echidna Hooping Station today.