3D Embroidery Puff Stuff


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Introducing Embroidery Legacy’s “Puff Stuff” – Make ANY Embroidery Design Grab Attention with Dimension! No foam, software, or design adjustments required.

Machine embroidery is a visually stunning artform. The combination of thread and fabric adds an extra level of dimension compared to printing and sublimation. So, why not skyrocket the appeal of your projects by adding a 3D to your embroidery designs to really make them stand out (literally)?

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Puff Stuff is an Embroidery Game Changer!

Get 3D Embroidery without the Foam

Our new industry-changing Puff Stuff is placed under ANY embroidery like a topper. Then simply embroider your design, rinse under warm water, and let it dry! The results are a breath-taking elevated design of your choice that stands out in a way you can see, touch, and feel.

More on 3D Embroidery Puff Stuff:

  • Puff Stuff is sold in sheets of 40″ x 1 yard.
  • Puff Stuff increases your creative potential! This product is great for caps, patches, crafts, small lettering, jackets, and more.
  • Puff Stuff can be used on a variety of materials including Canvas, Nylon, Felt, heavyweight fabric, tote bags, and backpacks. Not ideal for lightweight fabrics, those that wrinkle easily, or worn garments that require frequent laundering.
  • Puff Stuff saves you time compared to creating traditional 3D puffy foam embroidery. Instead of having to buy or create designs specifically digitized to incorporate puffy foam, Puff stuff is extremely easy (and fun) to use! No design stitch settings need to be adjusted with software when using Puff Stuff. Instead, simply apply this product like a topper on ANY embroidery design you already have. Given in most cases designs digitized for 3D foam have almost double the stitch count and more jump and trims compared to regular designs, this is a huge bonus because using puff stuff means less run time (and baby-sitting) on your machine!
  • Puff Stuff saves you time with finishing your 3D raised effect. No more poking or needing to heat your designs to get a clean 3D effect like you would with foam. Puff Stuff just rinses away and you’re done!
  • Puff Stuff can be used to accent finer details or small lettering, unlike 3D foam! 3D foam primarily works with wide satin stitches; however puff stuff can be used in combination with a variety of stitch types and lengths.

How to Use Puff Stuff

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Like a topper, securely place your puff stuff underneath your design before you start embroidering.
  2. Stitch on top of it.
  3. Wash it away with lukewarm water.






That’s it! Embroidery magic. The final result is a breath-taking elevated design.


Please note: You do not need to trim away or remove all Puff Stuff before rinsing with water. It may take some time to dry depending on the size of the design. Puff stuff does not react well to high steam. Just like traditional puffy foam, Puff Stuff works best on non-wearable items and with satin stitches. Filled areas will appear slightly raised but as with foam, the effect is not as dramatic.

Ready to make ANY Embroidery Design Grab Attention with Dimension without needing special designs or digitizing skills? Try Embroidery Legacy’s Puff Stuff today and elevate your machine embroidery (literally)!

Limited supplies are available.