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Want to Make Gorgeous Embroidery Projects that Stand Out & Impress?

Imagine the breath-taking creations you could make for your friends, family, or even just yourself with access, new weekly releases, and easy to follow video tutorials at your fingertips…

Now Stop Imagining and Start Creating With The Embroidery Legacy Design Club!

We Guarantee World-Class Digitizing So Your Creations & Sanity Are Never Terrorized

90% of the time when you experience embroidery issues, it isn’t your fabric, thread, machine, or stabilizer… It’s the quality of the embroidery design you’re using and how it was created”

You’ve Likely Seen Our Designs Featured and Sold On:

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Don’t You Love That Feeling You Get ​When Someone Says, “Wow! You made this?”

Thousands of Embroidery Designs, Endless Creations

Before the Embroidery Legacy Design Club, it could be time-consuming, costly, and downright frustrating to create that perfect project​… you know, one that you are really proud of and actually enjoyed making.

If you’ve ever wasted your time looking for designs online only to end up empty-handed, or even worse, with a low-quality design that causes issues on your machine, then you know how difficult it can be to find designs that you not only love but also look just as beautiful stitched out as they did on the screen. These designs might be free, and attractive- but they are rarely (if ever) digitized properly, which means you’ll be stuck with a design that is downright embarrassing to look at. Free designs can be enticing, but you’re really just playing “Embroidery Roulette” every time you download an untrustworthy design. Don’t let these poorly digitized designs take away your pride or love of embroidery.

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Enjoy Endless, High-Quality Embroidery Designs
At The Click of a Button

Enjoy the freedom of choosing your designs! We know that other embroidery design clubs exist, but often they only send you a few pre-selected designs a month– talk about no fun! That’s why with the Embroidery Legacy Design Club, you will always have the power to decide what you want to create when you want to create it!

Since 1958 our family has worked to perfect the art of beautiful smooth-running embroidery designs. Whether you’re into lace, applique, in-the-hoop designs, or virtually anything else,​ our giant collection of embroidery designs has you covered.

Take a moment to click through some of the many categories you’ll have access to once you become a Legacy Design Club Member:

Want To Know​ How You Can Use Our Superior Embroidery Designs At An Affordable Cost To Make Flawless Creations Without Any Hassle… ​Whether You’re a Seasoned Pro, Hobbyist, or Even a First Time Embroiderer​?

Introducing the Embroidery Legacy Design Club Membership

Now, Making ​Any​ High-Quality, ​Fun, and Unique​ Design ​You Want​ Is As Easy As…

1. Join

Join the Embroidery Design Club

You’ll choose from three high-value membership options​ (Occasional Stitcher, Embroidery Enthusiast, or Embroidery Addict). No matter what membership you choose, you’ll ​save up to 90% off retail and you’ll get instant access to our design catalog and video tutorials so you can get started as soon as you’re ready.

2. Download & Embroider

Machine Embroidery Designs

Embroidery has never been easier! Thanks to the decades of experience we have in the industry, you’ll always get a properly digitized design ready to be embroidered immediately! No more frustrating bird nests, thread breaks, or babysitting your machine– from the moment your needle hits the fabric, you’ll see quality in every stitch.

3. Impress

Whether you are wanting to make a gift for a special someone, try out a new project-or- you’re wanting to spruce up something you own…​ you’ll be sure to impress anyone who gets to see what you create!​ Get ready to soak up that ​“Wow! You made this?” feeling.

With Your Membership, You’ll Confidently Make High-Quality, Breath-Taking ​Designs That Demand Attention!

Depending on the membership you choose, you can download between 5 to 50 designs each month.​​ The best part? You​ get to choose any design you are interested in and you get to keep any design you download… forever!

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Now, you might be thinking, “With so many designs to choose from, where do I even start?”

Don’t worry,​​ searching for and downloading embroidery designs within your membership is​ easy​.​ You’ll always be able to find the perfect design by simply typing in what you’re looking for in the search bar or by browsing by category, theme, or style.

This video will walk you through the process of finding and downloading designs:

Ready for Immediate Access to Thousands of Designs That Are Sure To Impress and Make Your Embroidery Stand Out?

Choose the membership that works best for you- no matter what you’ll save at least 72% off retail value:

(you won’t be able to upgrade or downgrade your membership, so choose wisely)

Occasional Sticher Embroidery Enthusiast Embroidery Addict
Yearly Price $67 $137 $267
Points Per Month 5 ($237 value) 20 ($948 value) 50 ($2370 value)
Premium Legacy Design Downloads Per Year X 5 ($64.75 value) 18 ($233.10 value)
Savings on Retail Value Save 72% Save 85% Save 90%
Become a Member Become a Member Become a Member

Occasional Stitcher

5 download points
every month ($237 Value)


1-time payment, no auto-renewal

Embroidery Enthusiast

20 download points
every month ($948 Value)
5 bonus Premium Legacy
downloads within the year


1-time payment, no auto-renewal

Embroidery Addict

50 download points
every month ($2370 Value)
18 bonus Premium Legacy
downloads within the year


1-time payment, no auto-renewal

All Three Memberships Give You Access to:

✔️ Almost 30,000 Designs
✔️ Easy-to-follow project video tutorials
✔️ New weekly design releases

How Do We Convert Monthly Download Points
Into Marvellous, Top-Notch Designs?

99% of the designs on our site cost only 1 point. These include:

  • free-standing lace,
  • applique,
  • regular-in-the-hoop,
  • mylar and dozens of other categories.

However, a few of our specialty designs require 5 points, as it took a considerable amount of time to create each one of them. These categories are:

Embroidery Font Sets

Looking to further personalize your projects? We have the world’s largest collection of close to 1000 ESA fonts that load directly into your Hatch or Wilcom E series software. We also have a large collection of 150+ BX fonts for Embrilliance software, plus normal stitch file fonts. All fonts are full sets of letters that include A – Z.

Patch Outline Designs

These expertly digitized designs allow you to insert your designs or lettering into the patch outlines, and at the click of a button, easily create custom patches with any materials & thread colors of your choice! Drawing from our family’s commercial roots, our patch designs feature an authentic and professional MerrowTM effect.

Premium ITH Projects

Want beautiful 3D embroidery projects that are both easy to create and stand out? Look no further than our premium in-the-hoop projects! Each premium project includes a step-by-step video tutorial that holds your hand every step of the way to make creating these stunning designs as easy as possible.

How Are Bonus Premium Legacy Downloads Different
From Regular Designs?

Choose an Embroidery Enthusiast or Addict membership now to also get access to the exclusive ​Premium Legacy Designs​ which are perfect for creating jacket backs, pillows, quilts, wall hangings, and more!

  • Large Legacy Embroidery Design Beach Sceen
  • Harbour Scene Large Legacy Embroidery Design
  • Large Legacy Collection USA Eagle
  • Cowboy boot Large Legacy Embroidery Design
  • Leopard Large Legacy Embroidery Design
  • Cowboy Skull Large Legacy Collection Design
  • Sea Turtle Large Legacy Collection Design
  • Tropical Drink Large Legacy Collection Design
  • Lion Sketch Large Legacy Collection Design
  • Tropical Flower Large Legacy Collection Design
  • Fighting Eagle Large Legacy Collection Design
  • Motorcycle Large Legacy Collection Design
  • Duck Hunter Scene Large Legacy Collection Design

While these stunning designs are ​normally $12.95 each​, as an Embroidery Enthusiast member you can download 5 per year, or as an Embroidery Addict member, you can download 18. Good deal right?

Most of these breath-taking designs range in sizes to fit a 5×7′′​​ hoop or larger given the​ incredible amount of detail digitized into them.

Many of these designs were originally released in October 2018 to mark our family’s 60th year in the embroidery industry. ​Now we want to share them with you as a special thank you for becoming an Embroidery Enthusiast or Addict member.

It Only Gets Better Every Month

Keep Your Creativity Flowing And Your Machine Sewing Without Getting Bored Or Running Out Of New Creative Project Options!

Unlike other memberships you’ve seen, we don’t limit you to a specific list of designs each month. With your Embroidery Legacy Design Club Membership, you’ll always have access to​ our giant database of embroidery designs, projects, and tutorials​– that’s constantly growing​,​ meaning there is always something new and exciting for you to check out.

Enjoy New Weekly Design Releases

New weekly embroidery design release examples

Follow Monthly Project Video Tutorials

Monthly Tutorial Embroidery Projects

Get Recommendations and Inspiration For Your Designs

Project inspiration

Not All Embroidery Designs Are Created Equal

Want an embroidery design that stands out? A design with life-like features that’s soft to the touch and makes your machine sing?

Make your embroidery stand out with an Embroidery Legacy Design Club Membership

Have you ever tried sewing a random design you found online on your machine but kept getting tread breaks, bird-nests, and overall just ended up frustrated, so you gave up? In most cases, the problem isn’t your machine, the thread, or the stabilizer, and usually, it’s not even your fault!

The issue is that not all embroidery designs are created equal.

Some designs available online may look beautiful on screen, but when you stitch them out, you run into tons of issues.​ It’s usually because the design was created for pennies on the dollar by an inexperienced digitizer or worse, it was auto-digitized by embroidery software. Yikes!​ Simply put: ​If a design file isn’t created properly in the first place​ (this process is known as digitizing),​ it won’t sew properly on your machine.

With over ​60 years of experience​ in the embroidery industry & ​30 digitizing awards​ under our belt, we know that no matter how detailed,​ every design on our site was digitized correctly to run smoothly on your embroidery machine from start to finish,​ meaning you’ll always be excited to show everyone what you just created!

Thousands of People Love Their Membership

Here’s what just a few have said…

As soon as my machine starting stitching out my first design from John Deer’s Embroidery Legacy I could tell the difference.

I remember just watching in awe as the design took shape, there was something different, there was a smoothness in the way that it came together, every stitch was perfect, the density was spot on. It was just a simple floral design that I was putting down the legs of my trousers but it stood out over all the other designs that I had stitched out and received the most comments from others when I wore them, the flowers almost came to life.

I rave over his designs to every one of my embroidery friends and have no hesitation in recommending John Deer designs as I find them so superior to anything else that I have stitched.

– Robyn Sage

Pam Ewing Testimonial Image

“Being a member of the Design Club gave me a chance to have high quality designs at a very affordable price. Every design I have stitched out has been flawless and the instructions are easy to follow. I have recommended this site to fellow embroiderers and will recommend the Club to anyone thinking about purchasing an embroidery machine to give them the confidence of making beautiful designs

– Pam Ewing

Sunny Villaescusa Testimonial

Very few companies can compete with the reliability of the Embroidery Legacy designs.

The designs are beautiful (the traditional lace is superlative but there are other lovely flowers and heirloom techniques too). AND, there are cute baby appliqués fit for onesies, quilts, and more. Not all are pretty or cute, as John can get some comic ideas and/or manly-man hunting/sports stuff. There is just so much at the one site you don’t need to check others for the perfect design.

Friends I have ‘taken’ to the Embroidery Legacy website have been instantly excited and impressed—and happy about the pricing too. I have gotten lots of ‘friend points’ for introducing them to these high quality designs.

– Sunny Villaescusa

You May Have Noticed Some People Charge Extra For Sub-Par Designs That Look Great On The Screen But Are A Total Nightmare On Your Machine. We Don’t Think That’s Right.

The Deer’s Embroidery Legacy Story:

The Deer's Embroidery Legacy Logo

Originally created by John Deer’s grandparents in the 1950s​, John Deer’s Embroidery Legacy (then known as Dress Crest Embroidery) first began as a Schiffli loom embroidery factory. In our humble beginnings, ​we began by creating lace for the bridal industry across North America.

Over the span of 40 years,​ we grew from 1 small factory to 2 large factories​ operating 6 Schiffli Looms, 136 multi-head embroidery machines, and 54 employees. During this time period, we created all sorts of embroidered goods (such as clothing, sports apparel, and emblems) and were ​voted one of the top 100 volume embroidery manufacturers in North America​ (producing over 10,000,000 pieces of embroidered goods per year).

In the mid-1990s commercial embroidery production shifted overseas and away from North America. Out of necessity, John transformed the company into a commercial digitizing production house.

Throughout the late 1990s & early 2000s, John Deer’s Embroidery Legacy​ (then known as Punch Perfect) ​digitized hundreds of thousands of embroidery designs per year for corporations across the world.​ This included work for ​Disney, Coca-Cola, GM, the NFL, &the NBA & John Deere (ironically enough)​ to list a few among thousands. During this period, John personally won 30 awards for his work. In the mid-2000s, the commercial digitizing market also began to shift overseas so John once again transformed the company out of necessity.

This time, John Deer’s Embroidery Legacy moved away from the commercial embroidery market and redirected its focus towards home embroiderers with the name John Deer’s Adorable Ideas. For roughly a decade Adorable Ideas crafted a database of close to 30,00 quality embroidery designs, numerous educational series and ran thousands of live embroidery events across the world.

Now rebranded as Embroidery Legacy to honor our roots, we offer thousands of embroidery designs, Hatch embroidery software, online education, tools, live events, and more.​ Drawing from our past, we strive to provide embroiderers from all walks of life with the best embroidery products & education available. Our goal is to help further the beautiful art of machine embroidery by coaching embroiderers around the world.

It’s no mystery… Quality embroidery is our history

Feast Your Eyes on Some of the Stunning Designs Our Members Have Made Over The Years

Once you choose your membership level​, you’ll gain instant access to close to 30,00 designs, and you’ll be on your way to creating your next masterpiece.

Plus, if you are ever stuck you will have countless YouTube tutorial videos, peer support in the Facebook Group, and weekly blog posts to help you along!

So, Now The Only Question Is:

What Do You Want To Make?

Your Design Club Questions, Answered:

Most likely, yes! Our embroidery designs work on virtually any embroidery machine imaginable, whether you have a single needle or multi-needle machine. As long as your embroidery machine runs one of the following file formats, our designs will work on your machine:

  • PES (Brother / Babylock / Deco)
  • JEF (Janome)
  • ART (Bernina)
  • HUS. & VP3. & VIP & SHV (Husqvarna / Viking)
  • XXX (Singer)
  • DST (Tajima / Most machine brands as an expanded file format)
  • EXP (Melco / Bravo / Most machine brands as an expanded file format)
  • EMB

We provide design formats for all popular machine brands: art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jef, pes, shv, vip, vp3, and xxx.

We believe that creativity shouldn’t be limited! With any membership level (Silver, Gold, or Diamond) you will always have access to our design catalog with close to 30,000 designs- any of which you can choose to use, whenever you want as long as you have downloads remaining for the month. Additionally, right now if you choose Gold or Diamond level memberships, you will also have access to our Large Legacy Design Collection which is perfect for creating jacket backs, pillows, quilts, wall hangings, and more.

Yes! Any designs you download within your 1-year membership you get to keep even after your membership expires.

Our memberships are now better than ever because of your monthly points “roll-over”! That means if you don’t use all your points one month, they accumulate and roll-over into the next month. That’s right, no more monthly “use it or lose it” rules!

Yet, please keep in mind that you must use ALL your points before your 1-year membership ends. Points you haven’t used after your membership expires will be gone forever. Because of this, although we’ll also send you out a reminder email before your membership expires, we recommend you mark your membership expiration date on your calendar.

You cannot sell the design files you download on our website or put the design files into a design & sell that digital file as your own. However, you may sell embroidered physical goods and items that have our designs on them in quantities up to 50 items per order. This means that if you run a small business and get an order, you can use our designs for that order as long as you are not creating more than 50 embroidered items at once within that order. There is no limit on the number of orders each design can be used for. For more information on selling our designs, please refer to our terms & conditions.

No, your membership does not operate off of a calendar month. Instead your membership operates based off of the day in which you joined. So if you started your membership on the 15th, 1 month would count as the 15th of that month until the 15th of the next month.

Ready To WOW Yourself (and others) With Your Next Embroidery Masterpiece?

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