Supplies, Fabric & Materials for Embroidery Patches

Embroidery Patch Supplies

Use the best materials possible to create unique professional-looking patches from scratch in a variety of personalized colors. Although you can use a number of different materials and stabilizers to create your own patches, we know from experience which products will help produce the best-embroidered results.

Tacky Patch Fusible Stabilizer in Use

Step #1: Reduce Fabric Fraying
Tacky Patch Fusible

Our “Tacky Patch Fusible” will reduce fraying when using your own fabrics to create patches. It is a double-sided adhesive stabilizer that will eliminate fraying and the need for sticky “spray adhesives” during the patch making process.

As a bonus, because the reverse side has a released piece of paper, this product is perfect when using your Cameo, Scan-N-Cut, or Silhouette cutter. This not only saves you time but also ensures a non-sticky patch and the best quality results.

Tacky Patch Fusible Stabilizer in Use

Step #2: Set Your Patch Foundation
Prep Patch Film

Our “Prep-Patch Film” is the perfect foundation to build your patches on. It is a durable 100-micron film developed primarily for thicker or poly twill material. Simply hoop the film and then stick your patch materials on top of it to be embroidered.

Used with our “merrow simulated” embroidery files, your patches will “pop-out” perfectly. This film can be easily ripped away from the edges of your finished patches or removed with heat. However, if left as is on the back of your patches, it will help create a firm platform.

Post-Patch Iron-On Embroidery Seal in Use

Step #3: A Professional Finished Look
Post-Patch Iron-On Seal

Our Post-Patch Iron-On is a double-sided heat-activated seal that is applied to the back of your finished patch for clean polished results.

This product hides all of your patches jumps and trims (which is especially helpful when using embroidery designs with multiple colors or that may not have been professionally digitized) and gives your patch a professional feel and look on its unfinished side.

Post-Patch Iron-On Embroidery Seal in Use
Poly Twill Patch Fabric

Step #4: Our Suggested Material
Patch Backed Poly Twill

Our “Patch Backed Poly Twill” fabric is formulated specifically with Patches in mind. Poly Twill is a woven fabric with a diagonal weave that produces a heavy hold and weight.

Most twill suppliers currently offer a PVC backing on their twills designed specifically for appliques and to promote clean edges without fraying.

Our “Patch Backed Poly Twill” has the same attributes but is also specially formulated with a layer of “Buckram” backing fused between the twill and PVC to ensure extra stabilization that is traditionally provided with commercially made patches and emblems.

Mylar embroidery magic sheets

Step #5 (Optional): Make Your Patches Shine… Literally!
Embroidery Magic Sparkle Sheets

Add a dazzling touch to your custom embroidery patches with Magic Sparkle Sheets!  These are an affordable way to add a glitter like appearance to your embroidery projects.

These sheets are a shiny plastic film placed into a mylar embroidery design partway through the sewing process. It works with any color of embroidery thread. Given its reflective nature, using a piece of these sheets allows much more light to reflect off your embroidery designs and gives it a beautiful sparkly sheen that draws the eye.

Mylar embroidery magic sheets
Embroidery Patch Designs on Denim Sleeve

Step #6 (Optional): Vintage Designs for Inside Your Patches
Classic Patch Embroidery Design Packs

Although you can use virtually any design(s) you’d like inside of our ready-made patches and “Patches Made Easy” outline design files, we’ve put together two special design packs jam-packed with classic patch designs!

With a variety of lifestyle, hobby, and occupational-themed designs, these packs are the perfect patch design starter kit! Each collection features 75 classic patch designs that are specifically digitized and sized for embroidery patch making. Plus, for a limited time, they’re 93% off!

All products listed on this page have been thoroughly chosen and tested for the embroidery patch making process. We don’t take endorsing and putting our name behind ANY embroidery product lightly. We couldn’t have made it over 60 years in the embroidery industry without putting our customers first and looking out for your best interests.

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