Tacky Patch Fusible Stabilizer


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Our “Tacky Patch Fusible” will reduce fraying when using your own fabrics to create patches. It is a double-sided adhesive stabilizer that will eliminate fraying and the need for sticky “spray adhesives” during the patch-making process.

As a bonus, because the reverse side has a released piece of paper, this product is perfect when using your Cameo, Scan-N-Cut, or Silhouette cutter. This not only saves you time but also ensures a non-sticky patch and the best quality results.

In stock



  • This product is sold in full rolls of 13″ x 24 yards.
  • This product is not required when using our Patch Backed Poly Twill materials.
  • The suggested heat setting is 220 – 280 °F for 10-12 seconds.

How to Use Tacky Patch Fusible:

Run the outline file on Tacky Patch Fusible.

tacky patch fusible placement stitch

Cut out the patch shape on the stitch line using scissors.

tacky patch fusible cut stitch line

Run a “placement stitch” on your Prep Patch Fusible. Then remove the paper on your Tacky Patch Fusible shape and lightly adhesive spray your patch cut out and place it onto your “placement stitch”.

tacky patch fusible outline

Continue running the remainder of the design & easily “pop” out the finished patch.

tacky patch fusible patch

Please note: This product is to be used with untreated fabrics and not with our PVC/Buckram-backed Twills or directly applied to the Prep-Patch product.

Ready to start making custom embroidery patches with reduced fraying? Order your Tacky Patch Fusible Stabilizer today to help ensure you get the best-embroidered results possible.