Patch Backed Poly Twill Fabric


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Want to make professional embroidery patches in a variety of unique colors? Our “Patch Backed Poly Twill” fabric is specially formulated with patches in mind. Poly Twill is a woven fabric with a diagonal weave that produces a heavy hold and weight. Our twill is unique because it also uses buckram to add extra stabilization, ensuring your patches lay flat and have a stiff authentic patch feel.

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  • This product is sold in sheets of 20″ x 1 yard.

What Makes Our Twill Special? Buckram.

Most twill suppliers currently offer a PVC backing on their twills and are designed specifically for appliques and to promote clean edges with no fraying of the material. Our “Patch Backed Poly Twill” has the same attributes but is also specially formulated with a layer of “Buckram” backing fused between the twill and PVC to ensure extra stabilization that is traditionally provided with commercially made patches and emblems.