Perfect Applique Poly Twill Fabric


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Want to make professional-looking applique designs in a variety of unique colors? Our “Perfect Applique Poly Twill Fabric” fabric is specially formulated with applique embroidery designs in mind. Poly Twill is a woven fabric with a diagonal weave that produces a heavy hold and weight. Our twill is unique because it also uses PVC to add extra stabilization, ensuring your applique designs have a stable, flat, and smooth embroidery surface

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What Makes Our Twill Special? PVC.

Our new Appliqué Poly Twill is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) backed to add additional stabilization with its synthetic plastic nature. This ensures a stable, flat, and smooth embroidery surface. As well as eliminating “fabric fraying” to ensure clean embroidery edges and professional-looking results.

  • This twill is sold in sheets of 18.5″ x 1 yard.
Applique Twill Sample