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  • Recommended Embroidery Products

Our Recommended Amazon Embroidery Products

Recommended Embroidery Products

Embroiderers ask us all the time “what do you recommend for ____?”. So to help answer your questions and get you the best-embroidered results possible, we created this page linking to our favorite embroidery products featured on Amazon.

It’s a win-win! You get to know what we’ve tested and recommended and we get a very small kickback if you use one of our affiliate links below (thank you).

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Digitizing Made Easy Book2022-02-02T00:14:45+00:00

This is the original book that helped start it all! Although the book itself was written over a decade ago, the content inside of it is timeless! This book doesn’t cover specific software brands, features, or tools, but rather teaches you the age-old theory used to create smooth-running embroidery designs.

In our opinion, the fastest way to learn digitizing is still to enroll in our Digitizer’s Dream Course. However, for visual learners who prefer a hard copy/book, the information you’ll learn in the book is priceless.

Now although our CEO John Deer wrote the book, we’re endorsing an affiliate link for you to purchase this item on Amazon instead of here, directly on our website, because to be quite honest, it’s cheaper on Amazon than we could sell it to you for. So rather than jack up the price to turn a profit, we thought we’d guide you towards one of the most affordable places to purchase the book instead:

Digitizing Made Easy: Create Custom Embroidery Designs Like a Pro

Please note that we don’t take endorsing and putting our name behind ANY embroidery products lightly. We couldn’t have made it over 60 years in the embroidery industry without putting our customers first and looking out for your best interests.