Everyone loves free! And why wouldn’t you? From free samples to free parking and finally, an embroiderer’s favorite three words… Free embroidery designs!

EL Free Embroidery Designs

On this page, you’ll learn how to get a gorgeous free machine embroidery design each week and instantly download 17 designs 100% free! Be sure to check back frequently as well because we’ll continue to update new free Embroidery Legacy designs.

Get Started with 5 of Our Most Popular Free Embroidery Designs

Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit
Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit

Like most companies who are proud of their products, we want the world to know the quality of designs we produce! After all, our family has been in the embroidery industry since the 1950s, and our CEO John Deer is the world’s most awarded embroidery digitizer.

For that reason, we’ve put together a small collection of 5 of our fan-favorite designs in our Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit so that you can see and sew the quality of designs we offer. Now keep in mind these are just 5 out of close to 30,000 machine embroidery designs on our site; we have something for every embroidery project!

Our List of 12 Always Changing Free Embroidery Designs:

At least once a month we release a free design and upload it here for our amazing supporters like you!

Please note: As the free designs shown on this page are constantly updated, it is no longer free once a design is no longer listed here. We cannot back-track free designs.

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Bonus! Get 238 Free Embroidery Patterns in the 30-Day Trial of Hatch Embroidery Software

Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit
Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit

Now, if you haven’t heard of Hatch embroidery software, in our opinion, it’s the best embroidery software on the market. Why? Because it’s incredibly user-friendly and produces great results! I won’t go into too much detail about it here, but if you want to learn more about Hatch, check out our “What is the best embroidery software?” article by clicking here.

The wonderful thing about this free trial is that it lets you save & sew out whatever you create! With the free 30-day trial, you’ll have unlimited access to creating & editing your own designs & embroidery stitches, adding lettering to your projects with 101 ESA embroidery fonts, and sew much more!

That means that alongside getting 238 free patterns, you’ll also get access to 101 fonts AND be able to try creating your own for a full 30 days… Oh yeah, and add our exclusive bonuses for downloading your trial through us (including the fashion tiger design below)! Click here to download your free Hatch trial through us now.

Free Hatch Trial Bonus Designs

The Next Best Thing to Free Embroidery Designs is Incredible Savings!

Sometimes you have a special embroidery project in mind that requires you to purchase an embroidery design, and that’s not a bad thing! After all, embroidery digitizing takes time and training to master takes time and training to master, and it’s always best to use quality designs.

That said, saving on designs isn’t a bad thing either! Here at Embroidery Legacy, we have one of the best, if not the best, deals on quality embroidery designs you’ll find anywhere online! With our Embroidery Legacy Design Club, you can save up to 90% on our entire database of close to 30,000 designs, embroidery fonts, new weekly releases, and easy-to-follow video tutorials. Click here to learn more about our Embroidery Legacy Design Club now. 

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Other Places to Get Free Embroidery Designs

Embroidery Facebook groups (and not just our Facebook groups) are awesome resources to ask questions, share your projects, find inspiration, and join a community of like-minded embroiderers who share your passion.

Our Facebook group has tens of thousands of members, and we’re contently sharing tips & tricks, answering members’ questions, and occasionally posting free designs for our amazing members!

If you haven’t already, click here to join our Facebook group now for more free downloads in the “Files” section.

Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit

Conclusion: Take Advantage of All Our Free Embroidery Designs

For some amazing free machine embroidery designs, I highly suggest you try our Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit and then explore/download the other free embroidery designs I’ve listed on this page above. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for a new free design every Friday, follow us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel, as we’re constantly releasing and giving away new free designs!

If you’re looking for something in particular, explore our giant database of close to 30,000 machine embroidery designs or score one of the best deals available & save A TON on designs by joining our Embroidery Legacy Design Club for the next best thing besides free.

Enjoy the free designs listed above, and happy stitching!