Embroidery Classes & Online Education

Embroidery basic's beginner's course

Like any art form, to truly master your skill you first need a solid foundation of the basics. If you’re new to machine embroidery or just want a quick refresher of the essentials, this free guide is for you!

Featuring video lessons based on our popular live “Embroidery Essentials” seminar, this beginner’s guide covers everything you need to get started with machine embroidery, including machines, hooping, stabilizers, thread, designs, software, and more.

Embroidery Patches Made Easy Webinar

Learn how to make custom embroidery patches quicker and easier than ever before with our Patches Made Easy workshop. Our family began creating patches in 1958. Throughout 30+ years in our two commercial embroidery factories, we created millions of embroidery patches for various customers, including the Boy Scouts and Walt Disney World.

Drawing from our roots, in this new premium class, you’ll learn our new method for making custom patches that’ll save you time and get you flawless results every time.

Embroidery Patches Made Easy Webinar
how to make money with embroidery workshop

Imagine not only loving what you do but also making money while doing it! If you’ve ever thought about turning your hobby into a business or already run an embroidery business and want proven tips & techniques that’ll help make you more profitable, this new workshop is for you!

Taught by multiple industry experts, this workshop will help you find customers, streamline your workflow, increase your profits, and more.

More Premium Online Embroidery Classes Are Coming Soon!

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Learn from the Master Live for Accelerated Results

Digitizer's Dream Workshop Live

A lot of people make this claim these days. Although a lot of them don’t have over 60 years of family experience in the embroidery industry, the title of being the world’s most awarded embroidery digitizer, or the honor of being the last living Shciffli Master Digitizers still alive and teaching in North America. 

 If you want to learn some fantastic new embroidery techniques and want results fast, join us at one of our upcoming live events for accelerated learning. Please see our list of virtual live events above or subscribe to be the first to learn about our exciting new line up of 2021 events!

Free Blog Articles & YouTube Videos

Alongside our premium classes, webinars, and workshops listed above, we also have tons of free resources listed on our blog and Youtube channel! If you’d like to get a small taste of the quality of education we provide, click the button below to browse our free education now.