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lace machine embroidery designs

Enjoy Our Family’s 1950s Vintage Lace Designs

Created one stitch at a time by Schiffli masters in John’s grandparent’s embroidery factory, we’re proud to say that our vintage lace designs are a piece of embroidery history – now you too can enjoy these stunning vintage designs.

It’s no mystery. Quality embroidery is our history.

lace machine embroidery designs
large embroidery legacy design collection

Large Embroidery Legacy Design Collection

Did you know John has won several commercial digitizing awards for creating realistic life-like designs? Our Large Legacy designs are truly a work of embroidery art. Most of these breath-taking designs range in sizes to fit a 5×7′′ hoop or larger given the incredible amount of detail digitized into them.

lace machine embroidery designs

Customizable & Easy to Use Embroidery Patch Designs

These new expertly digitized embroidery designs allow you to insert your designs or lettering into the patch outlines, and at the press of a button, easily create custom patches with any materials & thread colors of your choice! Drawing from our family’s roots as commercial embroiderers, our patch designs feature an authentic and professional merrow effect.

lace machine embroidery designs

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Quality Digitizing Gauranteed

Save Time When You Use Our Designs – Quality Digitizing Guaranteed

Stop being frustrated with second-grade designs that require you to babysit your machine. Experience the difference in quality that comes from the world’s most awarded embroidery digitizer and our family’s 62+ years of embroidery experience in the embroidery industry. Every design on our site was digitized correctly. No matter how detailed the design may be, it’s guaranteed to run smoothly on your embroidery machine from start to finish.

This means you’ll never have an issue with any design you download from our website. No birds’ nests, fewer thread breaks, and no “bulletproof embroidery.” Experience how easy and fun embroidery can be with The Deer’s Embroidery Legacy’s designs.

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See How Easily You Can Shop 100% Safely and Securely at Embroidery Legacy

Here at Embroidery Legacy, your security is our top concern. In this day and age, you have to be careful where you share your personal information. Untrustworthy sources can lead to credit card fraud and harassment.


 All the information that you submit here is 100% encrypted. Our site uses a 128 bit SSL encrypted payment plus one of the world’s top 3rd party online security providers to ensure you’re protected. None of your personal information will be traded or shared.


This means that you can rest assured that we’ve taken every precaution possible to protect you as a valued customer.

100% safe & secure shopping
USB Stick - Instant Design Download

Don’t Wait, Download Your Designs Instantly in All Machine File Formats

When you order machine embroidery designs from our website, your design files are available to download immediately after completing your order. No waiting, just creating.


Plus, we give you your new designs in all popular machine embroidery file formats right off that bat. That means that unlike some other sites, you don’t have to purchase your designs twice or manually submit a request to receive it in different formats if you have two different machines brands, or ever switch from one to another.


Your orders are also stored on our site for you to re-download in the future. That means, if your computer crashes or you lose a USB stick, we’ve got your order secured.

Want Instant Access to Our Entire Database of Designs?

By joining our fan-favorite Embroidery Legacy Design Club, you’ll be able to choose and download a set number of designs from our entire collection of close to 30,000 smooth-running embroidery designs including new weekly releases. Plus, you’ll be saving up to 90% off the retail price!