Who’s in the mood for love…. of embroidery! Ever wanted to wear your heart on your sleeve, coat, or hat? With this project, we can do it with embroidery.

fringe flower brooch

In this tutorial, embroider your own elegant fringe flower heart brooch that can be easily made with simple materials already in your stash! Simply embroider and add a pin back from a craft store, giving you a great gift or perfect addition to any outfit.

Why Create This Modern Fringe Flower Heart Brooch

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time for all things love! Stitch out this fun and easy puffy brooch for your loved one and yourself. Because they are so quick and easy, you can spread the love to everyone and personalize them as you see fit.  

This project requires simple materials- felt, batting, embroidery thread, plastic pearls, and a pin back. While each one costs pennies, they are worth a mint. Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed To Embroider Fringe Flower Heart Brooch

supplies for brooch
  • Tear-away stabilizer

Check out our embroidery stabilizer guide to learn more about stabilizers.

  • Embroidery thread

Learn about different types of embroidery threads & when to use them. 

Want to learn how to properly apply and master using embroidery adhesives without the headaches? 

  • Scissors

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Stylish Embroidery Fringe Flower Heart Brooch Tutorial

Step 1: Hoop a piece of tear-away stabilizer

Learn some great tips & tricks for embroidery hooping.

hooping stabilizer

Step 2: Spray adhesive to the back of one of the black felt pieces and place it in the middle of your tear-away stabilizer. 

Always remember to spray the fabric before it goes on the hoop to avoid gumming up your hoops.

adhesive spray on felt

Press down the felt to make sure there are no bumps.

adding felt to hoop

Step 3: Run the design on your machine, but stop your machine as soon as it’s finished with the fringe flowers. You want to save your stitch border for later.

embroidering brooch

Step 4: Remove the hoop from our machine and place the hoop bottom side up 

bottom side up hoop

Step 5: Carefully clip the thread on the back of the flowers for the “fringe” effect

Depending on the look you want, cutting “the embroidery thread” along the outer edge of the fringe will cause it to fray. If you cut just the bobbin, the thread stays connected and creates a loop.

trimming fringe

Step 6: Take your 2 pieces of batting and create a heart shape that is a bit smaller (0.25″) than the running stitch border; place the double layer of batting over the back of the embroidery

heart batting

Step 7: Using spray adhesive, spray some onto your last piece of black felt and cover the batting.

black felt to brooch

Step 8: Return the hoop to your machine and stitch the remaining triple-stitch border

stitch border

Step 9: Remove your hoop from your machine and activate the fringe on the flowers on the front of the design (you can use tweezers, chopsticks, etc.) by brushing the thread sideways. 

activate fringe

Step 10: Un-hoop your design and tear away the stabilizer from the felt 

Step 11: Use scissors to trim 0.25″ away from the stitched border. 

Use pinking shears for a more dramatic edge.

cutting heart

Step 12: Using your glue or hot glue gun, glue your beads in the center of your flowers. Using tweezers can be easier to put them in place.

embellishing heart brooch

Step 13: After they’ve dried, turn your heart over to the back and either sew or glue your pin back.

pin back brooch

Step 14: Let it dry completely, and you now have a beautiful fringe flower heart brooch.

fringe heart brooch

Conclusion: It’s Easy To Create The Perfect Embroidered Addition To Any Outfit

Beautiful gifts do not have to be expensive, and techniques like the fringe flower don’t have to be hard! Often, we have all the things we need to create beautiful gifts right in our craft box, but we need a little spark of imagination to get started. Try new techniques to help your projects be fresh and get you thinking about how to use the techniques you just learned.

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