Who’s in the mood for a Valentine’s Day project that makes a great quick and easy gift? This embroidered heart pouch is made with love and lasts longer than roses or chocolate!

folded heart pouch

Today we have a very easy fold-up heart pouch for all your valuables that is very easy to create: no snaps, no fuss, no muss.

Why Create This Folded Heart Pouch

This project can be created with materials already in your embroidery stash. Use up what you already have to create something unique and personalized for your Valentine this Valentine’s Day. 

You can fill this lovely folded heart pouch with chocolate, coins, movie tickets, or “I love you because notes” for your loved one this Valentine’s season. They’ll know it was made from the heart while still giving good reason to spend that extra time in your sewing room! 

Let’s begin!

Supplies Needed To Embroider A Fold-Up Pouch

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  • Vinyl or leather 
    • 10×10 inch piece to fit our hoop
    • 1.5X0.5 inch single piece (acts as a tab holder)

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  • Felt or other material 10×10 inch.
  • Tear away stabilizer

Learn more about stabilizers with our embroidery stabilizer guide.

  • Temporary embroidery spray

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  • Embroidery thread

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  • Scissors

There are 5 things you need to know about embroidery scissors

  • Painter’s tape
  • Embroidery machine
  • Sewing machine – minimum sewing is required & can be done by a beginner

Quick & Easy Folded Heart Pouch Tutorial

Step 1: Hoop a piece of tear-away stabilizer

Learn our proven steps for solid embroidery hooping plus some game changing tips and tricks.

hoop stabilizer

Step 2: Place your hoop in your embroidery machine and stitch through the first object (the placement line)

heart pouch outline

Step 3: Place a piece of vinyl or leather large enough to cover the placement line with a .5-inch border (we used 10X10 inches)

Optional: use painter’s tape on the outer edges of the material to keep it in place

leather on hoop

Step 4: Put your hoop back on the machine. Stitch the heart embellishments and the placement lines for the tab holder (they are two small diagonal lines)

embellishment heart pouch

Step 5: Remove your hoop from the machine

design off machine

Step 6: Spray fabric adhesive to one side of your felt material. Place it on the BACK side of the heart covering all areas (the back of your hoop). Use painter’s tape to secure the felt to the back of the hoop.

felt back of hoop tape

Step 7: Turn the hoop right side up. Place the 1.5X0.5 inch piece of leather or vinyl in the middle of the diagonal stitched lines. Use two small pieces of painter’s tape to secure it. 

This will secure the strap, which will hold the tab in place when your purse is closed, using your pre-stitched guidelines.

strap taped heart pouch

Step 8: Return your hoop to the machine and stitch until the design is finished

heart pouch outline

Step 9: Remove the material from your hoop and tear away the stabilizer BEFORE you trim

tear away heart pouch

Step 10: Using scissors, cut the loose bits of fabric on the end of the tab holder strap.

trim tab heart pouch

Step 11: Trim about .25 inches close to the stitched outline of the final project. 

trim heart pouch

Step 12: Fold the heart in half so both sides of the heart line up. Using painter’s tape, secure the edges of the top of the heart together. 

tape heart pouch

Step 13: Bring it to your sewing machine and sew the top half of the heart together 

Optional: we used a piece of leftover tear-away stabilizer on the back side to help the purse slide easily in the sewing machine and not drag.

sewing heart pouch

Step 14: Remove the tape and extra stabilizer

remove tape heart pouch

Step 15: Trim your heart, be sure to trim close to your tab, so it slides in and out easily.

open heart pouch

You’re done!

heart pouch ith project

Conclusion: Create Your Fast And Easy Folded Heart Pouch

With this quick and easy project, you’ll be able to give a gift to all your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to fill it with chocolate or an “I love you because note” for a special touch. 

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