Post-Patch Iron-On Seal


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Our Post-Patch Iron-On is a double-sided heat-activated seal applied to the back of your finished patch for clean, polished results. This product hides all of your patches jumps and trims (which is especially helpful when using embroidery designs with multiple colors or that may not have been professionally digitized) and gives your patch a professional feel and look on its unfinished side.

In stock



  • This product is sold in sheets of 19″ x 3 yards.
  • The suggested heat setting is 320 – 390 °F for 15-20 seconds.
  • If applying a patch directly to apparel, we suggest first heat sealing and then stitching the patch to your garment using your home sewing machine. This will ensure durability with laundered items.

Instructions on How to Use:

After you’ve stitched your patch and removed it from the hoop & stabilizer, place the Post-Patch Iron-On Seal on the back of your patch.

pre patch iron on seal

(A patch without Post Patch Iron-On Seal)

Apply heat. This will:

  • Ensures durability with laundered items.
  • Secures down your loose jump stitches on the back of your patches for a cleaner and more professional finished look.
  •  Give your patches a firmer and smoother feel.
post patch iron on seal

(A patch with Post Patch Iron-On Seal)

Ready for custom embroidery patches that both look and feel authentic? Order your Post-Patch Iron-On Seal today to help ensure you get the best-embroidered results possible.