Prep Patch Film


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Our “Prep-Patch Film” is the perfect foundation to build your patches on. It is a durable 100-micron film developed primarily for thicker or poly twill material. Simply hoop the film and then stick your patch materials on top of it to be embroidered.

Used with our “merrow simulated” embroidery designs, your patches will “pop-out” perfectly. This film can be easily ripped away from the edges of your finished patches or removed with heat. However, if left as is on the back of your patches, it will help create a firm platform.

In stock



  • This product is sold in sheets of 19″ x 12 yards.
  • The suggested heat for removal is 248 – 284 °F for a few seconds.
  • For stitch-intensive designs, you can use two-layers.

How to Use Prep Patch Film:

Hoop a piece of Prep Patch Film with the smooth side up & ridged side down.

prep patch film hooping

Place the hoop in your machine and run the outline stitches.

prep patch film outline stitch

After adding your fabric, place your hoop back in your machine, and run your border stitches.

prep patch film border stitches

Finish running your design & remove it from your Prep Patch Film.

prep patch film finished

Ready to make custom embroidery patches? Order this product today and ensure you have a solid foundation to build them on.