Square Ready-Made Embroidery Patches


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Save time and easily create custom embroidery patches with the most professional results possible.

These patches are completely ready to be embroidered. Simply insert your logo/lettering within our “perfect placement” embroidery files, hoop the patch, and hit the start button. Manufactured with commercial specifications including true merrowed™ borders, these are the real deal.

Please note: The patches are sold in sets of 12.

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For decades embroidery patches have been an artistic way to share a piece of yourself with the world. Imagine showcasing your achievements, beliefs, or hobbies & impressing others with custom embroidery patches. Here are a few notes on these patches:

  • Alongside video/PDF tutorials that help hold you’re hand every step of the way, this bundle includes our “perfect placement” embroidery files. These files serve as a quick placement guide and provide an easy-to-remove tack-down stitch to ensure speed and precision.
  • Limited quantities are available and provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.