Earbuds are some of the greatest devices, but if yours don’t come in a carrying case, you can sometimes lose them in your never-ending bag or constantly have to detangle the cords to use them. Why not make your own?

earbud case

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to easily create and personalize your own embroidered earbud case.

Why Create This Embroidered Earbud Case

Earbuds are great, but being small, they can often be misplaced or hard to find. Using a case will help you easily distinguish where they are and help to keep them neatly stored to avoid the hassle of detaining a cord and to find them quickly and conveniently. This case is the perfect addition to your on-the-go lifestyle.

Creating your own earbud case is cost-effective! You can repurpose or use leftover vinyl or leather in your fabric stash.

Feel free to change the color of your fabric or thread to create the unique look you desire. Add a personalized touch by adding initials or your favorite designs to customize your new case. 

Our In-The-Hoop Embroidery Legacy Earbud Case design includes the EMB file format, so you can import it into your digitizing software and personalize it for yourself, friends, or family. They make great gifts!

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Supplies Need to Make This Embroidered Earbud Case

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Embroidered Earbud Case Tutorial

Step 1: Hoop a piece of tear-away stabilizer and put it in your machine. Stitch the first outline.

Earbud Step 1

Step 2: Remove your hoop from the machine and turn it upside down. Using a light spray of temporary adhesive, place down your 10×10″ piece of vinyl on the BACK side of the hoop so it covers the whole stitch line (there should be a margin of ¼ inch). 

It’s optional to line the sides with painter’s tape so it stays in place.

Earbud Step 2

Step 3: Flip the hoop so it’s right side up. Use a light adhesive spray on your two 10×4″ vinyl pieces and place them over the stitch outlines. 

Earbud Step 3a
Earbud Step 3b

Step 4: Place your hoop back in your machine and let the music symbol & lettering stitch, keep stitching until you see the little straight line (this is where it indicates your next piece placement).

Earbud Step 5

Step 5: Place the bottom of your 3.5X0.5″ vinyl piece over the stitched outline and secure the ends using painter’s tape. 

Earbud Step 6

Step 6: Return the hoop to your machine and finish stitching. 

earbud stitch out

Step 7: Once finished, remove your hoop from your design and tear away the stabilizer around it.

earbud tearaway

Step 8: Remove the pieces of painter’s tape and trim the little leftover bits.  

earbud cutting

Step 9: Using a nice sharp pair of scissors, trim around the outside edge of the case design.

earbud cutting case

Step 10: Fold up your earbud case to create the perfect triangle.

Step 11: Use a pin or marker to create marks for your grommet.  

earbud mark
earbudcase rivet places

Step 12: Create small holes for the rivet using a hole punch. 

earbud whole
earbud whole2

Step 13: Insert the rivet and secure it.

earbud insert

Step 14: Fold the case so it clips together, and insert one end into the slit to create the perfect earbud case, and you’re done!

earbud case1

Conclusion: Create Your Earbud Case

Our ITH embroidered earbud case is a fun and quick and easy project for summer, birthdays, or even yourself! What color will your next case be?

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