What is the Best Embroidery Digitizing Software for Me?

Being the world’s most awarded embroidery digitizer, one question I get asked time & time again is “what is the best embroidery digitizing software?” & “which embroidery digitizing software programs are easy to use?”.

One thing I’ve learned speaking in my early years of being an embroidery educator while trying to remain unbiased and non-software specific is that most of the main stream embroidery digitizing software available in today’s market all have majority of the basic tools required to create any embroidery design & therefore can all accomplish (for the most part) the same results. This still holds true today, although some software programs do require more leg work with the manual inputting of ‘stitch settings’ while others I would consider ‘more advanced’ as they help automate the process & speed things up for you. For this reason, please note that:

All digitizing software are not created equal and there are many angles to consider when you are in the market of buying a program.

Embroidery Software Brands

Personal Preferences:

As with anything in life, not everyone is going to like the same software bands. Some people swear by Floriani while others are in love with Hatch. Determining your background will probably in some way impact your decision more than anything else. If you have a production or machine background, some programs I’ve used make more sense in relating your artwork directly to stitches and you’d probably feel more comfortable right off the get go. Another type of software will be programmed leaning more towards the graphics industry and if you’ve been trained as a graphic artist you will right away catch on quicker.

Do Your Research:

For this reason, the beauty of today’s day & age is that technology now allows us to try before we buy. I would highly suggest you download a free trial for any software brand you’re seriously looking into.

This will help determine whether the software is a good fit for you or not. Please note however that you make sure you do this only through REPUTABLE online sources. If you’re looking for a starting point, I highly suggest you try the 30-day free trial of Hatch.

Another great way of doing some research is to go online and simply ask what others think about a given software brand. There are countless embroidery-based Facebook groups, blogs & other useful tools online today where you can post questions & get honest customer feedback.

Reputable Brands:

Another big thing to consider is the reputation of the company and more importantly what level of support and training they offer. I’ve always said,

Any software program is only as good as the support & education that comes with it”.

The last thing you what to do is purchase software because the price point was cheap or on sale and then all you get is this manual that wasn’t even translated properly from its original language! When learning to digitize, the training you get after purchasing your software is crucial. This is one of the largest issues I’ve found in the home embroidery industry (not so much the commercial). People often buy software and are then left to figure it out on their own or they take classes from an unqualified instructor who knows little more than they do.

If you do discover a software brand that you fall in love with but doesn’t have great education to help you master it, I highly suggest taking a look at my interactive online classes taught in what I’d consider some of the industry’s top software brands (which are all reputable).

Start Where You Need to Start

The last thing I’ll suggest is that you try not to get up-sold on the highest levels of software unless you really feel you can utilize the added features. If you’re brand new to embroidery, you may not yet need full blown digitizing software, or the highest level of digitizing software. With the modular based programs available today, you can always start off small and upgrade to the next level if you feel the options are something you’ll actually use.

My Personal Suggestion?

Any brands which I teach lessons for on my website I would consider a reputable brand. Although I’ve sold some of these brands in the past, if I had to pick a favorite I’d pick Hatch. Why?

Because as the world leader in embroidery software, Wilcom has put 3 decades of innovation and experience into their new Hatch embroidery software. Hatch’s new platform has an extremely easy to use interface, which is extremely powerful & is available at a great price. It’s also modular, so you can add as you grow. So if you’re looking, download the free 30-day Hatch trial through Digitizing Made Easy and receive 4 exclusive interactive video lessons free. Dare to compare it to any other software out there… You’ll love it!