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Hatch is an easy-to-use machine embroidery & digitizing software program that’ll quickly transform your creative ideas into reality with professional results. Whether you want to create beautiful designs from scratch, edit designs you’ve purchased, or personalize a project with professional lettering and monograms, Hatch has you covered.

Added Bonus: Embroidery Digitizing Made Easy Challenge

This Challenge is a free way to challenge yourself to try embroidery digitizing if you never have before. Many embroiderers are intimidated by the word “digitizing.” They think it’s overly complicated or you have to be a “computer person” to do it. The truth is, it’s not that complicated if you have the right instructor, good software, and an open mind to challenge yourself and give it a try.

  • Part 1: Introduction – This lesson will introduce you to the challenge and cover the main Hatch tools you’ll be using.
  • Part 2: Basic Digitizing – Here you’ll create 2 embroidery designs yourself! You’ll learn how to create design outlines, redwork, and learn to properly add basic fills and colors into your designs.
  • Part 3: Creative Digitizing – Next, you’ll learn how to digitize more artistic designs using florentine fill effects. You’ll also create another design combining multiple stitch types and learn how to blend fills.
  • Part 4: ESA Technology & Quilting Made Easy – Finally, you’ll learn how to easily create custom quilt blocks in minutes! Whether it’s fonts, monograms, quilt blocks, or simple designs, ESA technology really is a software game-changer.

Whether you currently own embroidery software or have never used it, this 30-day Challenge will take you by the hand and show you how easy it can be to create and edit your own designs using a 30-day free trial of Hatch embroidery software. In this free Challenge, you’ll follow along 7 bite-sized video lessons with John Deer, the world’s most awarded embroidery digitizer, and create 6 designs yourself from start to finish!

Free Fashion Tiger Embroidery Design

As an added bonus for downloading your 30-day Hatch trial through us, you’ll also be able to download this beautiful embroidery design!

Free Hatch Embroidery Trial Bonus Design

Here’s What Our Satisfied Hatch Customers Want You to Know

Jan Temple Hatch embroidery software testimonial

“The Hatch program is the best one I have used. So is the education and assistance offered

Through the years I have purchased so many software programs with the dream of learning to digitize.  After they sold me the programs, getting lessons or help learning the programs was impossible. Some of the programs I purchased were much more expensive than Hatch… The John Deer company is amazing and so helpful, you are never left abandoned or without resources to get help

Jan Temple

Rita G Hatch embroidery software testimonial

“I’m glad I purchased Hatch from Embroidery Legacy

I’ve purchased 3 other digitizing software programs (5 if you count the additional software required by two of them to edit designs)… I purchased Hatch software because it has several more features/options available that other software doesn’t have, it is user friendly, it doesn’t require separate editing software, and there is an abundance of training and support from John Deer and the Embroidery Legacy team

Rita G

Download this free trial for 30 days of unlimited use of ALL the features. Yes, you can even save & sew designs you create within the trial. After all, how can you really see the quality of any embroidery software without the ability to stitch out what you create?

Please note that as we are an authorized Hatch reseller, you’ll be redirected to Hatch’s official website to create an account and download your free trial. Your freebies will be emailed to you once we’ve received confirmation from Hatch that you’ve downloaded the trial using one of the buttons on this page. No credit card is required. We will email your freebies to whichever email address you used when you register for the trial.

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