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Embroidery Legacy Download Free Hatch Embroidery Trial
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Go Wherever Your Imagination Takes You

Hatch is an easy-to-use machine embroidery & digitizing software program that’ll quickly transform your creative ideas into reality with professional results. Whether you want to create beautiful designs from scratch, edit designs you’ve purchased, personalize a project with professional lettering and monograms, or simply organize your design files, Hatch has you covered.

Embroidery Design Being Stitched

Logos, drawings, custom images — digitizing starts with Hatch. Edit and alter designs, create and digitize your own designs, and auto-digitize photos or drawings to create a truly personalized, custom piece of work. Hatch digitizing software is specifically designed for both amateur and experienced users. It’s everything a hobbyist or home embroiderer needs, and with this free trial, you’ll be able to use every feature by switching between levels at any time within your trial.

Embroidery Design Being Stitched

Hatch Embroidery Free Trial Bonus #1:

Embroidery Digitizing Made Easy Challenge

This Challenge is a free way to challenge yourself to try embroidery digitizing if you never have before. Many embroiderers are intimidated by the word “digitizing.” They think it’s overly complicated or you have to be a “computer person” to do it. The truth is, it’s not that complicated if you have the right instructor, good software, and an open mind to challenge yourself and give it a try.

  • Part 1: Introduction – This lesson will introduce you to the challenge and cover the main Hatch tools you’ll be using.
  • Part 2: Basic Digitizing – Here you’ll create 2 embroidery designs yourself! You’ll learn how to create design outlines, redwork, and learn to properly add basic fills and colors into your designs.
  • Part 3: Creative Digitizing – Next, you’ll learn how to digitize more artistic designs using florentine fill effects. You’ll also create another design combining multiple stitch types and learn how to blend fills.
  • Part 4: ESA Technology & Quilting Made Easy – Finally, you’ll learn how to easily create custom quilt blocks in minutes! Whether it’s fonts, monograms, quilt blocks, or simple designs, ESA technology really is a software game-changer.

This 30-day Challenge will take you by the hand and show you how easy it can be to create and edit your own designs using the 30-day free trial of Hatch embroidery software. In this free Challenge, you’ll get 7 bite-sized video lessons with John Deer, the world’s most awarded embroidery digitizer, and create 6 designs yourself from start to finish!

Retail Value $99.95 – Your’s Free

Hatch Embroidery Free Trial Bonus #2:

Fashion Tiger Embroidery Design

Free Hatch Embroidery Trial Bonus Design

As an added bonus for downloading your 30-day Hatch trial through us, you’ll also be able to download this beautiful fashion tiger premium embroidery design!

You can practice resizing with this design, or give Wilcom’s famous “fabric assist” tool a try! Fabric assist allows you to adjust the settings of an embroidery design to sew out perfectly on virtually any fabric type imaginable with the click of a button!

Retail Value $12.95 – Your’s Free

Free Hatch Embroidery Trial Bonus Design

Hatch Embroidery Free Trial Bonus #3:

A Printable PDF of John Deer’s Favorite Hotkeys

John Deer Favorite Hatch Hotkeys

Have you ever heard “work smarter, not harder”?

This printable PDF is the perfect companion to your free Hatch trial as you’ll learn John Deer’s list of favorite 18 “hotkeys” to help speed up your design viewing, editing, and digitizing in Hatch!

Why not save time & get the most out of your trial by having some of Hatch’s most frequently used keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips?

Here’s What Our Satisfied Hatch Customers Want You to Know

Frequently Asked Hatch Questions:

Hatch works with virtually every embroidery machine. Please see the machine formats that Hatch can read and write below. If your format is there, than yes Hatch will work with your machine.

Hatch will read most domestic embroidery file types. It can read the following formats:

  • Wilcom: .EMB & .EMX
  • Melco: .EXP
  • Tajima: .DST
  • Janome: .JAN .JEF .JEF+ .JPX .SEW .EMX .EMD
  • Bernina: .ART .EXP .ARX .ART70 .ART60 .ART50 .ART42 .ART (V1/2/3/4)
  • Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES .PEC
  • Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3 .VIP .SHV .HUS .PCS .PCD .PCQ .PCM
  • Singer: .XXX .CSD
  • Melco Condensed .CND
  • Great Notions .GNC

Hatch can write the following formats:

  • Save as: .EMB (.EMB is your “working file”. Although not necessary, it is recommended to save all designs to .EMB before you export to your machine format. This is the best format to edit your designs in the future)

Export designs to:

  • .EXP
  • .DST
  • Janome/Elna: JEF .JPX .SEW .EMD
  • Bernina: .EXP
  • Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES . PEC
  • Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3 .VIP .SHV .HUS .PCS .PCD .PCQ .PCM
  • Singer: .XXX .CSD
  • Melco: .EXP
  • Tajima: .DST

Unlike some of the other embroidery software trials out there, there are NO limitations to the free 30 day Hatch trial. The trial version of Hatch DOES allow you to save and stitch out your designs. In our opinion, the only way to truly see the quality of any embroidery software is to test stitch outs.

There are 4 levels of the Hatch software. The level of Hatch you’ll need really depends on what you’d like the software for. For example: If you only want to add custom lettering around designs or do monogramming you’ll only need Hatch Personalizer. Or if you’d like to create your own embroidery designs, you’ll need Hatch Digitizer. To view a chart explaining which features are included with each level of Hatch Click Here.

Although Hatch is not a native Mac program, as with other PC programs, you can use Hatch with a Mac provided you use Bootcamp (built into Mac) or purchase a program to run Windows in Mac called Parallels. You will need both a copy of Windows as well as a copy of Parallels. Please visit Apple’s website or the Parallels website to get any further information and support for running Windows on a Mac.

Hatch does not require a dongle to run. It’s a downloadable product which can be used on multiple computers. This is an advantage over other programs which require dongles as you do not need to repurchase the program if a dongle is lost.

Yes. You can be signed into a maximum of 2 devices but can use Hatch software on 1 device at a time only.

You can install Hatch on as many computers as you like, but only have an active license on 2 computers and only run Hatch on one computer at a time. Hatch is a single-user license. You may run the software offline but must be connected at least one time every 30 days. If not, the software will ask you to sign in while online to check for updates, etc.

If you are using Hatch on one computer and want to use it on a different computer, you have these options:

Option 1:

  • If you are running on computer 1 and want to run on computer 2:
  • On computer 1 > click File Menu > sign out and release license while online.
  • Then sign into computer 2, while online.

Option 2:

  • If you are running on computer 1 and want to run on computer 2.
  • Sign in to computer 2 and it will automatically disable the license on computer 1 for you.
  • Don’t worry if you had any designs open and working on them on computer 1, the software will allow you to save them.

1. Start by clicking one of the “Download Hatch” buttons here on our website.” From there you’ll be directed to a form to input your information so we have proof your trial started on our website (or just scroll to the form on this page).

2. After you submit the form, you will be redirected to one of our reseller pages on Hatch’s official website to login and complete your trial download. Visiting Hatch’s site through one of our reseller pages will drop a tracking cookie in your browser to ensure Hatch knows you came from our website and want to download through us to receive our bonuses.

3. After arriving on the page shown above through our website, log in to your account on Hatch’s website. If you do not yet have an account, create one.

4. From here, complete your download on Hatch’s website. As long as our reseller tracking cookie is the last one dropped in your browser, we will receive credit for your trial and you will receive our bonuses.

5. Next, sit back and relax, knowing you got the best possible deal on Hatch with our exclusive bonuses! Once Hatch sends us confirmation that you downloaded Hatch through us, we’ll send you an email with your amazing gifts. Please note that this can take up to a week. If it’s been longer than a week, please email us so we can get you sorted at [email protected]

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