Personalized Hatch Project: Motif Filled Pineapple Pillow

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Whether it’s for you or a loved one, personalized decor makes your space feel special and your own.

This new lesson will teach you how to make virtually any embroidery design more artistic looking using endless variations of motifs in your Hatch software and more!

So, why not create personalized pillows that accent your style while subtly highlighting your embroidery skills. There’s nothing like the feeling of fulfillment that comes after your friends enviously ask you, “where did you get this from?” for something you crafted from scratch.


Taught by Embroidery Legacy’s own Linda Rayburn, this 20-minute video lesson will take you by the hand and teach you how to add some artistic flair to your embroidery creations. By creating this custom pineapple pillow design, you’ll learn:

  • How to unleash creative possibilities/customize a design by breaking apart Quilter’s Flexi Fills.
  • How to give your designs unique looks by applying motifs to objects.
  • How to eliminate unnecessary jumps and trims in your design by properly pathing it.
  • How to speed up your editing by cloning objects.
  • How to give your designs a thicker outline by digitizing a Satin Border.
  • How to make your projects “speak to you” by adding and shaping text around your design.
  • How to create an embroidered pillow with our free embroidered pillow tutorial.

Please note: You need Hatch Digitizer version 2 or an active free 30-day Hatch trial to take this lesson.

Added Bonus: ESA Flexi-FIll

Added Bonus! Receive the Entire Quilter’s Flexi-Fill Vol. 1 Collection

By enrolling in this lesson, you’ll also receive the entire Quilter’s Flexi-Fill Vol. 1 Collection absolutely free which features 57 customizable .ESA Flexi Fill font designs!

Flexi Fill font designs differ from traditional ESA fonts as they are digitized as objects with just one stitch direction, the possibilities are endless when assigning stitch types and effects to these amazing ESA objects. Traditional ESA fonts are digitized to include stitch angles and blocks within each letter.

Lesson Reviews

Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say…

Janice testimonial

“Software can be overwhelming but with the exceptional training such as this, you can digitize too!

I recently purchased the AWESOME Pineapple Pillow lesson by Linda Rayburn. Linda’s step by step instructions made this project easy to do and so much FUN!! With training from the John Deer team, I am learning to digitize and enjoying the process.”

– Janice

5 star Hatch software review

Sandy testimonial

“The pineapple pillow lesson by Linda was fantastic. Linda is very knowledgeable and is a great teacher.

I am really enjoying the quick lesson. In 20 minutes I learned something new about digitizing and have a beautiful festive design to put on outside pillows.“

– Sandy

5 star Hatch software review

Lynne Foster testimonial

“At first glance I thought this project was going to be complicated, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Can’t wait for the next project!!!!

With the help of Linda’s clear and concise, step by step instructions and her relaxed way of explaining everything and of course using the beautiful ESA quilt design it’s possible to produce a unique design to be proud of.“

– Lynne Foster

5 star Hatch software review

Give a high-end personalized gift to your loved ones or decorate your living room, bedroom, or patio furniture in style with this custom project!