Embroidery Project: Liberty Bell Tile Scene
3 sizes

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Some embroidery designs sit on shirts, some on hats. However, this project towers above any room or wall as a focal point of American values and your love for machine embroidery. Drawing the eye as a centerpiece, it rings liberty, freedom, and stitches.

If you’ve ever wondered what 2.6 million stitches look like, this is it.

This piece of embroidery art is carefully designed to be stitched onto 25 panels which all come together to create a modern embroidered masterpiece. The best part is, no sewing is required. We’ll provide you with video tutorials to show you how to create this piece of art with nothing but your embroidery machine, 25 canvases, and a few staples.

Whether it’s for your house to show your pride, the 4th of July, or a gift for a loved one, this is an embroidered project people won’t forget.

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This embroidery project comes in 3 different sizes. Each size has 2 different versions; light and dark which feature designs uniquely created to be stitched on either light or dark fabrics to really make this project stand out.

It consists of 25 different embroidery designs that piece together to create an embroidered masterpiece. Although each design does not need to be embroidered and then attached to a canvas (for instance, they would make beautiful quilt squares), we’ve created a fun tutorial showing you how to easily transfer your embroidered fabric onto a canvas square using just a couple of staples. This makes it easy to create a piece of embroidered art that you can quickly add to any wall or room in your house:

Note for Embroidery Legacy Design Club Members: Please note that due to the size of this project and the number of designs included, you’ll need to redeem 3 premium design credits to purchase this design with your membership.

Our embroidery designs come formatted for all popular machine brands including art, dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, shv, vip, vp3 and xxx.

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