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What is Hatch Embroidery Software?

Hatch is an easy-to-use machine embroidery & digitizing software program that’ll quickly transform your creative ideas into reality with professional results. Whether you want to create beautiful designs from scratch, edit designs you purchased, personalize a project with professional lettering and monograms, or simply organize and convert your design files, Hatch is the perfect embroidery software for you.

Want Exclusive Hatch Bonuses?

Any software program is only as good as the education & support that comes with it. As an official Hatch reseller, when you purchase or download the free trial of Hatch through us, we provide you with every tool necessary to turn your embroidery dreams into a reality quickly & easily.

Purchase Hatch Embroidery Software Through Embroidery Legacy & Receive

  • Up to $251 of Exclusive Bonuses: Including additional ESA fonts and monograms (which you choose yourself from the world’s largest database of almost 1000 ESA fonts), extra embroidery designs (which you’ll choose from close to 30,000 optional designs), access to our Digitizer’s Dream Course, and more! See which bonuses come with which levels of Hatch by clicking here.
  • Professional Hatch Education: Taught by John Deer, the world’s most awarded embroidery digitizer for over two decades.
  • Access to our “Hatch Facts” Online Community: With over 11,400 members, we run the world’s largest interactive Hatch Facebook group on the internet. Share your projects, ask questions, and connect with other like-minded embroiderers.
  • Superior Customer Support: We’ll hold your hand every step of the way.
Anita Jennings testimonial image

The bonuses were instrumental. I am a very satisfied customer of the Hatch Software purchased through Embroidery Legacy.  The purchase and installation process was very easy.  The support and educational products are excellent.  I feel that I can continue to progress as I learn more about digitizing.

– Anita Jennings

You’re Even Covered by a Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can relax knowing that after your trial, if you purchase Hatch, you’re covered by a full 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll have confidence in knowing that if Hatch doesn’t provide you with everything you need to take your embroidery to the next level, we’ll gladly refund your money. That’s how confident we are that this will be the best investment you ever make in your embroidery.

Hatch Embroidery Software Levels

There are four levels of Hatch to meet your embroidery needs. You can purchase the software all at once with the Digitizer level, or in chunks with the option to easily upgrade as your embroidery skills grow.

Hatch Embroidery Digitizer


Hatch Embroidery Digitizer Software

Embroidery digitizing software for creating designs. Includes everything in Composer.

Hatch Embroidery Composer


Hatch Embroidery Composer Software

Embroidery software for editing & quilting. Includes everything in Personalizer.

Hatch Embroidery Personalizer


Hatch Embroidery Personalizer Software

Embroidery software for lettering & monograms. Includes everything in Organizer.

Hatch Embroidery Organizer


Hatch Embroidery Organizer Software

Embroidery software for organizing, resizing and converting design file formats.

Key Feature






Best Seller


64-bit Operating System
Organize Files with Design Manager
  • Find and organize all your embroidery design files with the Manage Library feature
  • View them right inside the software
  • View the design information without opening it up
  • Search by name, size, stitch count, colors, etc.
  • Make your own catalog of your designs
  • Over 200 designs included in the software!
Convert to machine formats
  • It's so easy to get the designs ready for your machine
  • Export to your machine format. Convert multiple files at one time
  • Select your machine or enter your own.
  • Set or create your hoops
  • Set the start/end needed by your machine
Change Design Color
  • Easily change colors of your design
  • Change your thread brand and match your design to it
  • Optimize your design colors when finished
  • Enhanced Color matching options
Resize Designs
  • Quickly resize by 10% up or down
  • Resize your designs directly on screen
  • Resize by exact measurements
  • Adjust density if needed after resizing
Auto Fabric
  • Set the fabric you will stitch on and the software will make the necessary adjustments for underlay, pull compensation, and density.
  • Create your own fabrics
  • See what stabilizer is recommended for your fabric type
Customize Designs
  • Combine designs
  • Easier matching thread charts and matching colors
  • Rotate designs
  • Recogonize Stitches and convert to objects
  • Adjust stitch spacing (density)
View designs, virtual sewing, information
  • Stitch player
  • True view
  • Multiple viewing options
  • Design information to preview
  • View your garment on articles to see how your project will look finished
Setup your own design space
  • Grid template for sewing out
  • Select from one of the many machines and hoops included
  • Add your own machines
  • Create hoops
  • US or metric measurements
  • Rotate hoops
  • Adjust background colors to work best with your project (and eyes)
Finishing the design
  • Change your starting and ending position before sending to machine
  • Select fabric type and allow Hatch to make adjustments to your design
  • Print preview of your design before stitching or at any time while working on the design
  • Set up your worksheet with over 30 options to view and print
  • Print out sewing order and thread colors
  • Export to most domestic machines formats
  • Export Cutting Files - Export your applique and/or closed object files as an SVG
  • Capture Design Image
  • Show and print hoop templates for accurate placement of design on garment
  • Add on upgrades when ready - you do not need to buy again!
Center All
Hoop and machine Management System
Change blocks of colors
  • Easily select blocks of color and change the threads or the color
  • Add on higher levels at any time without buying again
  • Purchase more fonts
Multi-position hoop splitting
Create/Add lettering
  • Create your own lettering
  • Add lettering to existing designs
  • Up to 108 professionally digitized pre-loaded fonts
  • Unlimited fonts using TrueType & OpenType Fonts
Create Monograms
  • Create your own unqiue monogram using one of the 85+ pre-set templates.
  • View and Click!...Just change the letters, color and size desired; you will be ready to stitch!
  • Reshape the lettering text to create "creative text"
  • Customize the templates with 385 Ornaments, and 79 Borders
  • New ready to use Monogram templates (16)
Laydown Stitch
Keyboard Design Collection
Auto-Digitizing (7 methods)
  • Automatically put stitches to your simple and clean artwork
  • Select from instantly creating stitches or interactive
  • Select from 5 click -n- stitch to give you even more control
  • Prepare and edit your artwork
  • Open your artwork from right inside the Design Library or from the Artwork Toolbox
  • Select the method you want to match colors for Auto-Digitizing
  • Easy 1-click to set multiple hoops
  • 1 click to split the design into sewing fields that will match your selected hoop
  • 1-click to output the design to multiple files in your machine format
  • View hoopings before you finish
  • Place your own hoops if desired
Edit design objects
  • Reshape objects
  • Add or remove stitch angles
  • Branch objects to prevent unwanted jumps
  • Cut filled and outline design objects apart with the knife tool
  • Break apart combined objects and lettering
  • Remove overlaps when objects have several layers of stitches
  • Define your work area and layout your design block quickly
  • Apply closest join to mininize jump stitches
  • Edit individual stitches of stitch files
  • Remove overlaps when objects have several layers of stitches
  • Knife tool cuts outline and filled objects
Layout Tools
  • Endless ways at your fingertips to help easily layout your design
  • Define your work area and layout your design block quickly
  • 5 easy ways to mirror objects or the entire design
  • Create an entire circle with one object giving an instant mandala block effect
  • Basiting Stitch Markers and Graphic Markers
Sequence Tools
  • Change the sewing order of individual objects
  • Easily sort colorsy
  • View by objects or colors
  • Enhanced Sequence by selected objectst
Creative tools
  • Gradient Fill
  • Create your own shading with Color Blend
  • Intergrates with CorelDRAW® 2017, SE8
CorelDRAW® GEM add-on
Vector file support
Color PhotoStitch
Reef PhotoStitch
Hand-Stitch Effect
Close Shape
Manual Digitizing (10 methods)
  • Select from 10 digitizing tools for manually creating your own designs
  • 12 main types of stitches that can be edited to become an endless number of stitches types
  • Quick digitizing shapes (60)
Create Outlines and Offsets
  • Create and outline or multiple offsets with object shapes
  • Select the type of corners
  • "Select to include holes or not(This is priceless for making those Key Fobs)"
Color PhotoStitch
  • Color PhotoStitch will instantly create stitched images from your photos
Photo Flash
  • Photo Flash gives you 2 color instant embroidery
  • Create Redwork designs with multiple types of outlines
  • Combine objects into one object
Create Applique' – Auto
  • 1-click to convert closed objects to an Applique'
Digitize Applique'
  • Manually Digitize appliques
  • Set up preferences of how you want it to stitch
  • Optimize applique for best sewing order
  • Select from one color or color stops with applique
Convert vectors to Applique'
Advanced Editing
  • Backtrack and Repeat
  • Digitize holes
  • Filled holes
  • Remove holes
  • Create and edit Motifs
  • Create and edit borders
  • Edit Embossed designs
Creative Stitches and Effects
  • Create and edit motifs
  • Stipple Run, Backstitch, and Stemstitch
  • Cross-stitch
  • Blanket stitch
  • 3-D wrap
  • Radial Fill
  • Florentine
  • Elastic Embossed Fills can to turn with the shape of the object
  • Combine two motifs in a single object with Alternating Motifs
  • Set up quilt blocks with Ambirance quilting stitches
  • Create Trapunto outlines
  • Automatically add 9 basic and creative buttonholes (that you can actually cut!)
  • new 3D foam font
Cross-stitch GEM - add on
Browse / Open Designs
An integrated approach to managing designs, giving you complete control over where your files are and how you maintain them. Use the built-in "Embroidery Library" to organize your embroidery designs for easy searching and browsing - no need to search your entire drive.
Convert Design Formats
Convert your outline or stitch files with the click of a button so you have maximum accessibility. Use the files straight from your embroidery library and save them to and from the .EMB format. Supports PCS, PES, VIP, JEF, SEW, DST, EXP and many more!
Manage Design Files
Keep track of all your file folders and locations within your "Embroidery Library".
Manage Colors
Take control of the thread colors in your design with your choice of 128 different color options in your Design Palette.
Change Colors
Change your thread color easily and quickly. You can re-color entire blocks, picking and apply colors from the design, recycle colors within the existing design palette and choose new base colors. You can also assign thread colors, pre-set design colors and change entire color schemes within your Thread Manager.
Optimize Stitch Settings
Optimization features help avoid common mistakes like puckering and gaping. Using "auto-fabrics", you can choose the fabric you will be sewing onto and Embroidery Basics will optimize stitch type, color changes and suggest stabilizers in order to minimize damage.
Customize Display
Customize background colors, articles and fabrics to view your design in different settings. Then, get a realistic idea of what your end product will look like by placing your design onto a specific article of clothing, for example a cap or cotton t-shirt.
Save, Print, Capture Designs
Use the "print preview" feature to view your design displays as it will be printed and choose your preferred print options and formats – the default type is the "design worksheet". Capture and send screen images in PNG formats with TrueView or the viewing program of your choice.
Export to Machine Formats
Our world leading EMB format allows the most accurate editing of your design. You can then export your designs to your preferred format corresponding with the embroidery machine of your choice. View the list of supported machines here.
Create Monograms
Create your own one-of-a-kind mark and customize your personal monograms. Choose to create either monogrammed designs or text. Start by using a pre-designed base template which you can modify or create one from scratch. Stylize your design with one of the 22 layouts. Most fonts have special characters and symbols.
Add Lettering
Using a built-in "Embroidery Library", Monogrammer Add-on makes it simple to add custom lettering to your designs. Select from the 60 included fonts or convert your own TrueType or OpenType fonts.
Edit / Reshape Letters
Adjust your lettering width to make it bolder or slant them to give an italicized look. Spread your letters apart with the spacing tool. Edit your lettering using the "Select and Re-Shape Object" tool. Manipulate your lettering in multiple ways right on screen including: adjusting spacing, scaling lettering, and reshaping your letters to create your own personalized design.
TrueType Fonts
Select from the 60 included fonts or convert your own TrueType or OpenType fonts. Adjust your lettering width to make it bolder, or slant them to give an italicized look. Spread your letters apart with the spacing tool.
Professionally Digitized Fonts
Wilcom is famous for their professional lettering which comes from professionally digitized fonts. Choose your own fonts from a collection of 60 fonts included with the Monogrammer that can also be used for lettering. Most fonts are available in upper and lower case as well as special fonts and characters. Each font has a recommended minimum and maximum size in the online documentation to ensure the best outcome when working with that specific style.
Optimize Colors
Optimize color changes for the most efficient stitch out results giving you that professional feel.
If a design is too large the software will split it into sections. Each section (with its own hoop) can then be stitched separately. Layout Editor Add-on gives you multiple options to ensure that your final design is aligned properly. Adding registration marks, saving multi-hooped designs and sending multi-hooped designs straight to machine are a number of features that can be utilized to ensure proper alignment.
Edit Designs
Layout Editor Add-on is one of the most powerful tools and essential for the creatives. Edit objects, stitches, object properties, include specialized button holes, print your layout and much more.
Resequence Objects / Colors
Scale, rotate and skew objects according to your vision. Layout Editor Add-on ensures that the stitch count also reflects these alterations to ensure the original stitch density is preserved. Eg, create a t-shirt logo and then simply adjust to fit onto a cap.
Auto Digitizing
Convert artwork to embroidery automatically. The Auto-Digitizing Add-on software recognizes various bitmap and vector shapes in artwork and automatically chooses the most suitable stitch type to use, the closest join and best stitching sequence. Simply select the image and then click the tool and the software does the work for you.
Prepare Artwork
Artworks can be inserted into Hatch by pasting, scanning or simply using the insert option. Use these artworks as digitizing templates or backdrops.
Link to CorelDRAW*
If CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or Essentials X6 are installed, there are a few additional features available. Convert a larger range of artwork files from CorelDRAW. Auto-trace vectors. Convert embroidery files to a vector format.
Manual Digitizing
Create new designs or turn your existing designs into something extra special with professional quality results. Digitize objects from scratch and customize these designs using some classic, well-loved functions such as "curved fills" and "gradient fills" with none of the complexity of standard digitizing software.
Fill / Run Shapes
Preset tools help digitize faster and more efficiently. Select from a number of fill and Tatami stitch types as well as outline or run stitches.
Digitizing Tools
The Digitizer toolbox provides all the tools necessary to create embroidered shapes. Tools such as Freehand can be used to create designs with a hand-drawn appearance, something which is difficult to achieve through conventional digitizing methods. Special tools for cutting holes, removing excess stitching as well as filling holes. Stabilize large areas and reinforce outlines. Branching allows for overlapping objects without having to think about efficient stitch sequencing and joins.
Create Applique'
All the applique' tools you need. Simple, partial and combine applique' along with the ability to break apart applique' components.
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Added Bonus: Embroidery Digitizing Made Easy Challenge

Download your 30-day free Hatch through us and get access to our Digitizing Made Easy Challenge! Whether you’ve never used embroidery software or currently own another brand and want to see the latest and greatest technology available, our 30-day Challenge will take you by the hand and show you how easy it is to create and edit your own designs using Hatch. Within this Challenge, you’ll follow along 7 short video lessons with John Deer, the world’s most awarded digitizer, and create 6 designs yourself from start to finish!

  • Part 1: Introduction – This lesson will introduce you to the challenge and cover the main Hatch tools you’ll be using.
  • Part 2: Basic Digitizing – Here you’ll create 2 embroidery designs yourself! You’ll learn how to create design outlines, redwork, and learn to properly add basic fills and colors into your designs.
  • Part 3: Creative Digitizing – Next, you’ll learn how to digitize more artistic designs using florentine fill effects. You’ll also create another design combining multiple stitch types and learn how to blend fills.
  • Part 4: ESA Technology & Quilting Made Easy – Finally, you’ll learn how to easily create custom quilt blocks in minutes! Whether it’s fonts, monograms, quilt blocks, or simple designs, ESA technology really is a software game-changer.

Free Fashion Tiger Embroidery Design

Download this beautiful embroidery design as an extra bonus for downloading your 30-day Hatch trial through us!

Free Hatch Trial Bonus Design

Download the free trial now & see how it stacks up to your current software program through comparison. You will be redirect to Hatch’s website to create an account and then download the trial.

Have an Old Version of Hatch & Want to Upgrade to Version 3?

Hatch Embroidery 3 Upgrade

We’ve got exclusive bonuses for that too! Browse Hatch 3’s new features, enhancements, and our added bonuses.

Hatch Embroidery Software Reviews

Here’s what our satisfied Hatch customers have to say…

Cynthia Steiner Hatch testimonial

“Hatch is so easy to use

Then add on top all the support from other users and Embroidery Legacy’s video lessons the possibilities of creativity are endless… Once you go Hatch, your embroidery will never be the same! I encourage you to be a risk-taker and go for it!”

– Cynthia Steiner

5 star Hatch software review

Jan Temple Hatch testimonial

“I’ve been amazed by the Hatch software and it’s affordable

I have had so many different digitizing programs since I started using an embroidery machine… I have been amazed by the Hatch software… You have the chance to go as far as you want to learn the program and classes and support are at your finger tips!

– Jan Temple

5 star Hatch software review

Meryl Robinson testimonial

“Hatch has transformed me from a useless digitizer to a competent one

Hatch is simply the best value on the market in a package that is easy to learn… Without Hatch I would not be able to make all those personalised gifts for my friends and family.

– Meryl Robinson

5 star Hatch software review

Frequently Asked Hatch Questions:

Hatch works with virtually every embroidery machine. Please see the machine formats that Hatch can read and write below. If your format is there, than yes Hatch will work with your machine.

Hatch will read most domestic embroidery file types. It can read the following formats:

  • Wilcom: .EMB & .EMX
  • Melco: .EXP
  • Tajima: .DST
  • Janome: .JAN .JEF .JEF+ .JPX .SEW .EMX .EMD
  • Bernina: .ART .EXP .ARX .ART70 .ART60 .ART50 .ART42 .ART (V1/2/3/4)
  • Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES .PEC
  • Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3 .VIP .SHV .HUS .PCS .PCD .PCQ .PCM
  • Singer: .XXX .CSD
  • Melco Condensed .CND
  • Great Notions .GNC

Hatch can write the following formats:

  • Save as: .EMB (.EMB is your “working file”. Although not necessary, it is recommended to save all designs to .EMB before you export to your machine format. This is the best format to edit your designs in the future)

Export designs to:

  • .EXP
  • .DST
  • Janome/Elna: JEF .JPX .SEW .EMD
  • Bernina: .EXP
  • Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES . PEC
  • Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3 .VIP .SHV .HUS .PCS .PCD .PCQ .PCM
  • Singer: .XXX .CSD
  • Melco: .EXP
  • Tajima: .DST

Unlike some of the other embroidery software trials out there, there are NO limitations to the free 30 day Hatch trial. The trial version of Hatch DOES allow you to save and stitch out your designs. In our opinion, the only way to truly see the quality of any embroidery software is to test stitch outs.

There are 4 levels of the Hatch software. The level of Hatch you’ll need really depends on what you’d like the software for. For example: If you only want to add custom lettering around designs or do monogramming you’ll only need Hatch Personalizer. Or if you’d like to create your own embroidery designs, you’ll need Hatch Digitizer. To view a chart explaining which features are included with each level of Hatch Click Here.

Although Hatch is not a native Mac program, as with other PC programs, you can use Hatch with a Mac provided you use Bootcamp (built into Mac) or purchase a program to run Windows in Mac called Parallels. You will need both a copy of Windows as well as a copy of Parallels. Please visit Apple’s website or the Parallels website to get any further information and support for running Windows on a Mac.

Hatch does not require a dongle to run. It’s a downloadable product which can be used on multiple computers. This is an advantage over other programs which require dongles as you do not need to repurchase the program if a dongle is lost.

Yes. You can be signed into a maximum of 2 devices but can use Hatch software on 1 device at a time only.

You can install Hatch on as many computers as you like, but only have an active license on 2 computers and only run Hatch on one computer at a time. Hatch is a single-user license. You may run the software offline but must be connected at least one time every 30 days. If not, the software will ask you to sign in while online to check for updates, etc.

If you are using Hatch on one computer and want to use it on a different computer, you have these options:

Option 1:

  • If you are running on computer 1 and want to run on computer 2:
  • On computer 1 > click File Menu > sign out and release license while online.
  • Then sign into computer 2, while online.

Option 2:

  • If you are running on computer 1 and want to run on computer 2.
  • Sign in to computer 2 and it will automatically disable the license on computer 1 for you.
  • Don’t worry if you had any designs open and working on them on computer 1, the software will allow you to save them.

1. Start by clicking one of the “Download Hatch Trial” or “Buy Now” buttons here on our website. You will be redirected to one of our reseller pages on Hatch’s official website to log in and complete your trial download or purchase. Visiting Hatch’s site through one of our reseller pages will drop a tracking cookie in your browser to ensure Hatch knows you came from our website and want to receive our bonuses.


2. After arriving on the page shown above through our website, log in to your account on Hatch’s website. If you do not yet have an account, create one.

3. From here, complete your download or purchase on Hatch’s website. As long as our reseller tracking cookie is the last one dropped in your browser, we will receive credit for your trial or purchase, and you will receive our bonuses. Ensure you don’t have any cookie-blocking software active to ensure we’re marked as your reseller & you get our bonuses.

4. Next, sit back and relax, knowing you got the best possible deal on Hatch with our exclusive bonuses! Once Hatch sends us confirmation that you downloaded or purchased Hatch through us, we’ll send you an email with your amazing gifts. Please note that this can take up to a week. If it’s been longer than a week, please email us so we can get you sorted at [email protected]

Please note: We will send you your bonuses once we receive verification from Hatch that you purchased through us. For customers purchasing with Flex-pay, you will receive the same bonuses. Access to the Digitizer’s Dream Course will be provided to you once we receive confirmation of your purchase from Hatch. However, your bonus fonts & embroidery designs will not be sent until your final Flex-pay payment is completed.

Please keep in mind that we don’t take putting our name behind any product lightly. We couldn’t have made it over 60 years in the embroidery industry without putting our customers first and looking out for your best interests.

What Are You Waiting For? Try Hatch Free

Take your embroidery to the next level by downloading your free 30 day Hatch trial today! You’ll get unlimited use of all of Hatch’s amazing features plus our exclusive bonuses from downloading the trial here on our site.

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