Free Personalized Hatch Project: Monogrammed Towel

Give a high-end gift to your loved ones or decorate your kitchen and bathroom in style with this custom project!

Fill Out The Form Below to Download The Free .ESA Monogram for This Lesson ($9.95 Value) & Get Access to the Terry Cloth Towel Tutorial

For centuries, monograms have been a prestigious way to mark something as your own. They show power and position, which is likely why people pay so much for them.

Thankfully for you as an embroiderer, you don’t have to pay ridiculously high prices to get something custom monogrammed… 

Instead, you can do it yourself and we’re here to help show you how with our free premium lesson!

Please note you’ll need Hatch Digitizer version 2 or higher to take this lesson. Click here to download your 30-day free Hatch trial.

Now to ensure that everyone can embroider and monogram their own initials, we’re giving away a full .ESA monogram ($9.95 value) for free as an added bonus with this lesson! Simply fill out the form above to download the free font now.