Personalized Hatch Project:
Floral Monogram Frame


Flowers are a tasteful way to brighten up any space, while monograms are the lovely symbols that stamp an item “forever yours” and look pretty good while doing it. Why not combine the two to create personalized décor that makes your space feel special?

This new lesson will teach you how to create stunning floral borders that perfectly hug and compliment any monogram of your choice using your Hatch software!

So, why not create personalized towels, pillows, wall hangings, or tote bags that accent your style while subtly highlighting your embroidery skills. There’s nothing like the feeling of fulfillment that comes after your friends enviously ask you, “where did you get this from?” for something you crafted from scratch.


Taught by Embroidery Legacy’s own Linda Rayburn, this 23-minute video lesson will take you by the hand and teach you how to elegantly mark any embroidered project as your own with a monogram and custom border. Whether as a gift or for yourself, the techniques you’ll learn in this lesson are sure to impress!

By creating this custom mug-rug project, you’ll learn:

  • How to break apart, reshape, and resize ESA Glyphs to create new designs
  • How to symmetrically place any object perfectly on a design with Hatch’s mirror copy horizontal tool and cloning features
  • How to cut away unwanted objects in your designs withing ruining how it stitches with Hatch’s knife tool
  • How to save run time by reducing thread color changes in a design
  • How to make your embroidery fit on a variety of different projects by resizing designs
  • How to spice up any monogram with a custom themed border that perfectly accents it

Please note: You need Hatch Digitizer version 2 or an active free 30-day Hatch trial to take this lesson.

Springtime ESA Hatch Glyph

Added Bonus! Receive the Entire Springtime ESA Glyphs Collection

By enrolling in this lesson, you’ll also receive the entire Springtime ESA Glyphs collection absolutely free which features 52 customizable .ESA Glyph designs.

New to ESA Glyphs? Think of ancient Egyptian “hieroglyphics,” something that is a shape or symbol. Our ESA Glyph packs load directly into your Wilom E series or Hatch embroidery software like ESA fonts do. The only difference is when you use them, a shape, design, or symbol appears instead of a letter. ESA Glphys allow you to easily create designs for your embroidery projects with the click of a button.

Give a high-end personalized gift to your loved ones or decorate your living room, bedroom, or kitchen in style with this custom project!