Personalized Hatch Projects

Explore the potential of your software by crafting unforgettable custom projects

All lessons come with bonus .ESA embroidery fonts, monograms, or glyphs!

Free Personalized Hatch Project: Monogrammed Towel

Victorian Monogrammed Towel (Free)

Give a high-end gift to your loved ones or decorate your kitchen and bathroom in style with this personalized project tutorial taught in Hatch software. Plus, get a free .ESA monogram (regularly $9.95) as a bonus.

Personalized Hatch Project: Motif Filled Pineapple Pillow

Motif Filled Pineapple Pillow

Spice up your home with this sweet pineapple project! This new lesson will teach you how to make virtually any embroidery design more artistic looking using endless variations of motifs in your Hatch software & more!

Personalized Hatch Project: Motif Filled Pineapple Pillow
Hatch embroidery project: mug rug

In-The-Hoop Quilted Mug Rug

Water stains on wood suck… But it can be hard to find coasters that match your unique style. This new lesson will teach you how to make delightful customized in-the-hoop mug rugs using any embroidery design you choose and of course, your Hatch software!

Genette F testimonial

“I’m very happy I signed up for this class. Each time I learn at least 1 new thing that helps me with all of my other digitizing projects. Linda’s tips and tricks have always been so helpful, she walks  you through creatively using techniques. She completely blew me away.

– Genette F.

“Linda is a superb instructor and offers the user an encouraging and helpful environment that helps ease the anxiety of a new challenge. Linda’s video was excellent with fantastic visual quality. The PDF instructions were easy to follow with clear text, great photos, and helpful graphics. I am a satisfied and happy customer.

– Valorie

Becky M testimonial

“It was as if she was working through the project with me and anticipating my questions. I really enjoyed Linda’s style of teaching. She was very clear and easy to understand. I can’t wait for her next class!

– Becky M.

More Hatch Custom Projects Coming Soon!

Be sure to check back on this page frequently… We have many more Personalized Hatch Projects filmed and coming your way soon! Also, don’t forget, you can take any of these classes with the free 30-day Hatch software trial.