Personalized Hatch Project: Let it Snow Pillow


Let’s be honest, when it comes to holiday gift-giving (or just gift-giving in general), us embroiderers have the upper hand! Nothing quite compares to a personalized homemade gift from the heart.

This lesson will teach you how to add the perfect spacing for text into the middle of your project by splitting virtually any embroidery design using Hatch!

So, why not create personalized gifts this season that subtly highlight your embroidery skills? There’s nothing like the feeling of fulfillment that comes after your friends joyfully ask you, “where did you get this from?” for something you crafted from scratch.


Taught by Embroidery Legacy’s own Linda Rayburn, this 20-minute video lesson will take you by the hand and teach you how to split your existing embroidery designs to incorporate text and make breath-taking holiday creations & much more! By creating this custom Let it Snow pillow design, you’ll learn:

  • How to unleash creative possibilities and customize designs by breaking apart ESA Snowflake Glyphs.
  • How to spice up your existing designs by removing overlaps to cut/split them (hint: this is awesome for designs going over pockets).
  • How to add stunning extra detail to your designs by adding motifs and outlines.
  • How to eliminate unnecessary jumps and trims in your design by properly pathing it.
  • How to optimize and speed up your stitch outs by resequencing objects
  • How to make your projects “speak to you” by adding and shaping text around your design.
  • How to create an embroidered pillow with our free embroidered pillow tutorial PDF (different technique than the pineapple pillow tutorial).

Please note: You need Hatch Digitizer version 2 or an active free 30-day Hatch trial to take this lesson.

Snowflake ESA Hatch glyph

Added Bonus! Receive the Entire Snowflake ESA Glyph Collection

By enrolling in this lesson, you’ll also receive the entire Snowlake ESA Glyph Collection absolutely free which features 36 customizable .ESA Glyph font designs!

When we mention ESA Glyphs, think of ancient Egyptian “hieroglyphics,” something that is a shape or symbol. Our ESA Glyph packs load directly into your Wilcom E series or Hatch embroidery software like an ESA font does. The only difference is when you use them, a shape or symbol appears instead of a letter. ESA Glyphs allow you to easily create shapes & objects for your embroidery projects with the click of a button. The creative possibilities are endless!

Surprise your loved ones or decorate your living room, bedroom, or patio furniture in style with this custom project!