Everyone has that one spot on their kitchen counter or the side table at the front door that just seems to accumulate all their miscellaneous stuff. Why not create a stylish embroidered rope bowl or basket that perfectly embellishes any room to hold your keys, phones, and mail?

rope project bowls

We will show you how you can take a cotton clothesline, a sewing machine, and your creativity to make fantastic rope bowls decorated with embroidery patterns! Learn how you can create unique bowls, coasters, and mug rugs with the simplest of materials.

Why Create These Easy DIY Stylish Rope Bowls?

What’s better than personalizing your own home decor? You can create multiple bowls, all with different looks for different uses. These rope bowls can be used over and over for keys, candy, decorations, munchy snacks, and more.

These rope bowls can perfectly embellish any room stylishly while using them for any purpose. They can vary by size, thread colors, rope colors (dyed to achieve different looks), and embroidery designs. Here at Embroidery Legacy, we have embroidery designs for every occasion! Embroidery fonts? Sure! Monograms? You bet! Holiday designs? Bring them on. If you can think of it, you can pretty much stitch it on this amazing surface. 

rope bowl and coaster

This project is very budget friendly as the only supply needed other than your primary machine and embroidery thread is a large clothesline. It’s not necessary, but you can always add tassels or extra embellishments around the bowl’s rim, depending on if you want to spend a little extra or if you have anything in your sewing stash.  

This project is great fun and can make a great gift set! Whether for a birthday or housewarming gift, this project is ready to impress!

If you have so much fun creating this rope bowl, why not create a mug rug, coaster, or placemat to go with it!

Supplies needed for these easy embroidered DIY Stylish Rope Bowl:

rope bowl materials

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Embroidered Stylish Rope Bowl Tutorial

Once you make one of these bowls, you will not believe how easy it was and will want to plan more! You can make larger-scale bowls for centerpieces or, with leftover lengths of rope, create coasters and trivets. 

Step 1: Find an embroidery pattern you like. A general rule of thumb is “less is more,” meaning the less dense, the better. Do not be afraid of lettering or other shapes and designs, but that 100000 stitch design may not be the best for this medium.

You need to find a design that fits in your hoop with a little room to spare but gives it more stability on the base and a clean stitching surface.

Optional: Use Hatch embroidery software‘s feature “Laydown Stitch,” with the new version 3.

Or if you have a previous version, we’re going to use the “knockdown stitch,” which is a loose tatami knockdown stitch that works wonders on fluffy fabrics but produces excellent results on a rope too!

Interested in a free 30-day trial of Hatch software where you “use it like you own it”? You will be able to use all Hatch Software features to create your own designs & see how user-friendly it is.

hatch smash bowl design

Step A: Once you have chosen your pattern, insert it into your embroidery software workspace.

Step B: Select the entire design and create your knockdown by selecting it and choosing “create layout.”

Step C: Your “knockdown” stitch will provide a sturdy base for your bowl as it stitches on the tear-away stabilizer and a great flat surface for your design. Remember to move this object to the top of the sequence, so it stitches first. Also, remember to use white thread.

More of a visual learner? Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to use Hatch Smash.

Step 2: Start with one end of the rope. Use a small piece of scotch tape and wrap it around the end to keep it from fraying apart. Remember to use only a small amount and wrap once since you may want to stitch over it.

Step 3: Create the beginning spiral and secure it with pins to hold it in place. You only need to do three wraps or so.

rope spiral

Step 4: Once the spiral is pinned, use the sewing machine to stitch across the spiral in an “X” pattern to hold the rope in place.

Step 5: Remove the pins

Step 6: You can now change the machine to a long wide zigzag and start constructing the bottom of the bowl. You will stitch the wraps together while turning the spiral feeding rope as you go.

spirling swirl rope bowl

Tip: Do not pull the rope tight for the first ten or so wraps! If you do, it will mound up in the center. Keep it as loose as possible, even bunching it up slightly. 

Step 7: Work the spiral until it measures approximately 6 inches. You may work larger if you have a larger hoop.

Step 8: Stitch back and forth with the zigzag to hold the loose rope in place

rope bowl bottom

Step 9: Hoop a piece of medium-weight tear-away stabilizer.

Step 10: Place your spiral “pancake” in the hoop securing it with a light spray of temporary embroidery adhesive.

adhesive rope bowl

Step 11: Be careful to center your needle in the exact enter of the spiral so your design is aligned.

Step 12: Stitch out your design; watch your bowl bottom stitch out as you go to ensure the rope remains flat in the machine.

embroidering rope bowl bottom

Step 13: When your design is finished, remove your rope project from the embroidery machine and hoop. Tear away your stabilizer.

To construct the remainder of the bowl:

Step 14: Return to the sewing machine with the stitch setting on a long wide zigzag.

Step 15: As you continue to work the bowl, begin to hold the base of the bowl up, so you are bending the bottom to begin the sides.

bending rope bowl stitching

Step 16: Continue to work the bowl until the side is the height you want.

Step 17: Cut the rope and lightly tape it to finish. 

Step 18: Zigzag stitch back and forth over the rope’s end. You can tuck it under for a cleaner look.

Step 19: YOU’RE DONE!

rope bowl finished

Conclusion: Embellish Any Room With These Easy, Stylish Rope Bowls

You never thought a packet of cotton clotheslines could end up as these beautiful bowls and coasters, right? Now you know they can!

You can create centerpieces, keychains, bowls, coasters, and more with little effort. Here are the takeaways we want to leave with you when working with this wonderfully versatile material!

  • Use COTTON clothesline. Do not use paracord or other climbing ropes or sisal as they can damage your machine.
  • Using a knockdown stitch helps to create a sturdy base for your design. 
  • Don’t throw away rope ends- you can use them for smaller projects.

Until we get together again, stitch happy and be creative!

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