Hooping… It’s one of the first and most important steps in any embroidery project. Proper hooping can truly make or break an embroidery design.

echidna hoops

Let’s think about it, without proper hooping, our designs wouldn’t stitch straight, our fabrics and stabilizers would be all over the place, and you could forget about your designs being placed correctly. The slightest wrinkle or the wrong angle while hooping can completely ruin any embroidery project.

This is why many embroiderers consider purchasing hooping stations in hopes of getting past the frustration quickly.

Hooping Stations Make Embroidery Hooping Easy

Embroidery hooping stations can make hooping much faster & easier. Not to mention, these devices, in a sense, give you a second set of hands to help you hold your hoop securely in place & make sure you have proper design placement.

Echidna Hooping stations

Hooping Smaller Or Larger Items Becomes Simple

Hooping stations can be especially helpful if you hoop difficult items like baby onesies, embroidery buddies, blankets, etc. They’re also great when hooping the same item over & over again (for instance, if you plan on hooping 10 of the same shirts for your bowling team).

Take The Weight Off Your Hands (Literally)

Hooping can be challenging when your hands and wrists have difficulty cooperating with trying to hoop. For some, this can be the worst part of embroidery! Hooping stations help to angle things differently, secure your garments in place, and help reduce the struggle.

An Honest Review: The Problem with Some Embroidery Hooping Stations, Systems, Boards, Aids, & Devices

While there are multiple hooping aids, stations, and peg-based systems available on the market, a number of them often come with a learning curve.

Unless reading instruction manuals is another one of your hobbies, the use of the wrong hooping board can feel like less of a hooping aid and more like a hooping hurdle.

Not to mention, some of them come with the need to purchase additional attachments for different machine brands and hoop types. This adds up quickly & personally; I’d prefer not to spend $1000+ on a hooping station…

Long story short, some hooping devices on the market don’t really make hooping much easier. You’ve probably seen reviews online that agree. Luckily for all of us though, some hooping stations really do make hooping MUCH faster & easier…

Introducing the Echidna Hooping Station: Win the Never-Ending Battle with Your Hoop.

Let’s face it; hooping is hard. Often times you’ll find yourself at war with your hoop, eventually ending in what you consider “close enough.” Even some of the most experienced embroidery enthusiasts still struggle with hooping.

I’m a firm believer in knowing theory when it comes to embroidery, and knowing how to hoop is essential, but what if there were a way to save time, skip the frustration, and get perfect hooping within seconds every single time, no matter which item you hoop?

No need to pinch yourself, stop the frustration with the Echidna Hooping Station!

The Echidna Hooping Station makes hooping difficult items easier. It is an essential dual-sided embroidery tool that uses magnets to allow you to hoop quicker & easier than ever!

Simply place your hoop on the elevated board, and secure it in place with magnets & hoop! The non-slip surface and powerful magnets hold your hoop firmly in place. This allows you to line up your project perfectly every time to avoid crocked-looking embroidery, wrinkles & registration issues.

What Sets this Hooping Station Apart?

You’ve likely seen other hooping stations, systems, boards, aids & devices in the past… but never like this! These unique features make the Echidna Hooping Station extremely easy to use & stand above the competition:

1. Non-Slip surface:

Echidna Hooping non slip surface

Stop chasing your hoops around the table. The non-slip surface & magnets hold your hoops securely in place each & every time.

2. Powerful Magnets

Echidna Hooping non slip surface

Unlike other hooping stations that use a peg-board system & are tricky to get proper placement, these powerful magnets give you complete control over hoop placement for ANY project.

Plus, the powerful reusable magnets eliminate the need to use messy spray adhesives, pins, clips & tape that gum up your hoops.

3. Durable Mold Injected Design:

Echidna hooping mold injections

The new mold-injected design makes the new Echidna Hooping Stations stronger than ever! These durable systems will keep you hooping perfectly for years to come.

4. Double-Sided:

echidna hooping double sided

How does buy one get one free sound? Each Echidna Hooping Station has two different-sized usable boards on either side of it. This allows you to always have the perfect-sized hooping station surface for virtually any project you can imagine!

5. Angled Frame Design

Echidna hooping angled frame

Each of the double-sided ergonomic frames is angled perfectly to eliminate stress on your wrists while hooping. This also makes the hooping station perfect for hooping difficult tubular items like shirts, sleeves, socks, baby onesies & more.

This is great for those with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Simply slip them around the frame & hoop!

6. No Additional Attachments Required:

hooping station

Unlike other hooping stations on the market, you don’t have to purchase multiple attachments for the different-sized hoops you own & machine brands. This saves you money as the Echidna Hooping Station will work for virtually every sized hoop & machine brand on the market.

Summary: Should I use a Hooping Station?

I think you might already know the answer to this if you stumbled upon this blog post… you already knew “there must be a better way!”.

I strongly believe everyone could use the RIGHT hooping stations for the following reasons:

  • It saves time while hooping.
  • More accurate design placement.
  • Easier to hoop difficult small difficult items and large bulky items.
  • It makes repetitive jobs of hooping several similar items a breeze.
  • Stop hoops from sliding while hooping.

All in all, the Echidna Hooping Station makes hooping faster & easier.

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out the Echidna Hooping Stations now and stop the hooping frustration. Your machine embroidery will thank you!