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Introducing ZSK Embroidery Machines

For decades, ZSK embroidery machines have been the benchmark of quality, precision, & reliability in the commercial embroidery industry. With up to 18 needles and the ability to run up to 1200 SPM (stitches per minute), ZSK’s SPRINT series machines will allow you to embroider on almost any fabric type & garment imaginable. Whether you’re interested in maximizing production and profits for an embroidery business or upgrading to a multi-needle machine to boost your creative potential, ZSK’s user-friendly machines have you covered!

ZSK Sprint 6 Embroidery Machine

Starting at Only $15,000USD

Industry Leading German Engineering

There’s a reason why most of the world’s high-end automobile and designer clothing companies use ZSK. Being both manufactured and engineered in Germany, ZSK’s SPRINT series is the most advanced compact embroidery machine in the market with all the features of an industrial machine. Here are a few features that set it apart:

  • Reduce puckering and misregistration with ZSK’s industry-leading tension system. ZSK’s upper thread sews with an exceptionally low tension of 85 grams compared to most other brands which need 120+ grams
  • Save time with automatic color changes, thread break detection & trimmers all built-in
  • Get flawless embroidery on caps & sensitive materials with an adjustable pressure foot (4 positions). Perfect for 3D embroidery
  • Easily embroider on virtually any garment type with multiple hoop sizes & attachments
  • ZSK features an advanced servo motor instead of the average stepper motor. This gives you more torque and allows you to sew through thick materials such as soccer shoes and automobile carpet.
  • Cutting-edge T8-2 control unit with 80,000,000 stitch memory, smooth wire & wireless networking, and quick workflow solutions
  • Easily adapt specialty devices (such as sequins or cording) without changing electronic board components
  • Get extreme design placement precision. ZSK machines revolve with a precision of 10 divisions within each degree, giving it a sewing accuracy of 3600 incriminates per revolution (360 x 10 = 3,600)

The Industry’s Slimmest Tubular Arm

Old tubular machine embroidery arm

These pictures compare a conventional style arm and ZSK’s SPRINT series arm. Most embroidery machines feature the bulkier arm with the front picker and large cylinder size, making it hard to embroider on items with small openings. In 2014, ZSK developed the smallest tubular arm in the industry worldwide. The new curved design allows you to embroider on the narrowest of textiles as well as hard to embroider areas such as shirt pockets, fronts of shoes, baby items, shirt cuffs, etc.

Alongside being the smallest arm, this is the first-ever tubular embroidery machine that has successfully removed the front picker. The front picker had always been trouble in the past – as it sticks out beyond the bobbin and needle plate area. This restricted how high a design could stitch on a hat or how close it could get to the bottom / closed seam.

Removing this picker allows you to embroider on more items and increases your design area. This is especially helpful when embroidering caps as it allows you to embroider deeper into hard to reach areas. This new technology also helps you avoid the picker jamming up inside the textile.

Accessories for Every Embroidery Project

ZSK embroidery machine cap frame

Cap Frame

ZSK embroidery machine pocket frame

Pocket Frame

ZSK embroidery machine shoe frame

Shoe Frame

Whether you’re looking to expand the list of items you can embroider on to grow your business or want to “wow” your friends and family with some unique embroidery creations, ZSK has you covered… And then some.

ZSK’s R&D teams in Germany have produced tons of optional accessories that allow you to embroider on almost any garment type imaginable. These include caps, shoes, boots, ribbons, belts, car mats, socks, luggage, pockets, small garments, shirt cuffs, shirt collars, and more. From designer insight to first-class engineering, ZSK is always one step ahead.

Go Beyond Embroidery with Specialty Attachements

ZSK embroidery machine cap frame

Beading Device

Add more texture to your creations

ZSK embroidery machine cap frame

Sequin Device

Add some extra bling to your projects

ZSK embroidery machine cap frame

Cording Device

Create stunning fashion & home décor projects

In addition to all the outstanding features and accessories ZSK has to offer, the ability to plug specialty attachments directly into your machine (ie: hot air cutting, sequins, zig-zag cording, and ribbon) allows you to take your creativity to the next level or if you run an embroidery business, gives you a distinct advantage over your competition.

ZSK SPRINT Series Models



This 12 needle machine includes all the features of an industrial embroidery machine. Both the SPRINT 6 and 7 are available for tubular, cap and border frame embroidery.



The SPRINT 7 is equipped with 18 needles. The SPRINT 7 is ca. 7.5% more efficient than the SPRINT 6 due to increased speeds when embroidering longer stitch lengths (over 5mm).

Both the SPRINT 6 & 7 are available in L and XL models with larger embroidery fields. This allows you to embroider extra wide items. For example, with the SPRINT 7L, you can embroider items such as golf bags, travel bags, suitcases, etc.

Built to Last – Quality Guaranteed

In terms of longevity, the Sprint will outlast any other equipment. ZSK is the only manufacturer that guarantees control panel upgrades for at least 10 years. There is no need to buy new equipment to have the latest control panel. When the market advances, so do you – exchange only technology, not machinery. With roots dating back to 1875, ZSK has been in the embroidery industry for longer than we have (we don’t get to say that very often). Unlike some of the new emerging offshore machine brands whose durability & life span is yet to be seen, ZSK’s is proven.

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ZSK Embroidery Legacy Bundles

Ready for Business Bundle

Looking to start or maximize profits for your embroidery business? If so, this bundle is for you! It includes:

ZSK Embroidery Business Bundle
  • Cap Attachment: Custom embroidered caps are a huge moneymaker for embroidery businesses
  • Magnetic Hoop Bundle: Make your hooping faster and easier
  • Diamond Legacy Design Club Membership: Pick and download up to 600 embroidery designs & 18 premium Legacy Collection designs within a year

Crafter’s Dream Bundle

Want to take your embroidery hobby to the next level? If so, this bundle is for you! It includes:

ZSK Embroidery Crafters Dream Bundle
  • Flat Frame1200 x 280 (SPRINT 6) or 1400 x 400 (SPRINT 7): Create beautiful wall hangings, quilt patterns, jacket backs & more
  • Magnetic Hoop Bundle: Make your hooping faster and easier
  • Diamond Legacy Design Club Membership: Pick and download up to 600 embroidery designs & 18 premium Legacy Collection designs within a year

Please note that these bundles are optional. You can work with the ZSK dealer we provide to build a custom bundle to best fit your needs.

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