Jeans are a timeless fashion staple used for self-expression for generations. There is much potential to turn plain jean fabric into embroidered personalized masterpieces. You can unlock a new world of creative jean possibilities using machine embroidery!

Denim Collage

In this article, we’ll give tips and ideas to make beautiful embroidered art on your jeans. Continue reading to find inspiration on your embroidery journey. 

How To Machine Embroider Jeans & Denim: Our Top Tips

We highly suggest using a good sharp point needle and making sure to stitch your embroidery machine at a lower rate.  

Ever wonder how machine speed affects your embroidery results? Learn the best speed for your next embroidery project.  

Avoid placing designs over seams to prevent distortion in stitched-out results. Remember, always avoid rivets.  

We do not recommend floating your jean garments. Denim is heavier and can move in the frame as the weight shifts. 

What’s the difference between hooping and floating an embroidery design? Find out our suggestions as to when to use each method in your embroidery.  

Do not overstretch “stretch” denim, or you will distort your stitch-out result when hooping your denim material or garment.

Embroidery Designs For Denim Garments

Believe it or not, practically all embroidery designs work on jeans!  

Denim can tolerate the lightest and dense designs with ease.  Make sure to embroider at a lower speed, especially around seams; it will prevent needle breaks

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Embroidery Stabilizer For Jeans

A medium-weight cutaway works well with most designs. 

cut away stabilizer

You can stitch bigger designs on jacket backs with mesh stabilizer by hooping the garment and using a suitable hoop.

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Embroidery Thread For Jeans

Thread choices are really up to you!  Polyester or rayon, even metallics, stitch wonderfully on denim.

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Denim Machine Embroidery Projects

Machine Embroidery On Denim Jackets

denim jacket design

Jean jackets are a go-to for large embroidery designs!  Because the fabric is so stable, it is the perfect material for a great stitch out.

Embroidering Denim Jean Pants

Jean pants are a great way to get creative with your embroidery! There are many places to embroider on a pair of jeans to create one-of-a-kind, revamped clothing.

Embroidered Waistbands

Secure the waistband to a hooped piece of tear-away stabilizer.  

Tip: Make sure to support the jeans’ weight when hooping on your machine so that they do not shift.  

Always make sure that your design is no larger than 1 inch. Anything larger can stitch over numerous layers of the seam. It is best to have the waistband aligned with the edge of the embroidery hoop frame. 

pant line embroidery

Embroidered Jean Pockets

Stick a small hoop in a pocket and embroider a flower. Take the pocket off the pants with a seam ripper and create your own embroidered flower garden! 

We removed the pocket, ironed it, and embroidered flowers on the back of the pants. Then, we embroidered a fence on the pocket. And there you have it!  We now have a fun and dainty garden!

embroidered jean pocket

Repair Holes In Your Jeans With Embroidery

You likely will have to open the seam of the jeans to hoop properly. It’s usually better to open the seam on the inner thigh and sew it back together.

denim design hole

You can use lace, old drapery, or sheets as a subtle (almost like cutwork) background. Get as creative as you’d like and take advantage of your fabric stash.

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denim hole lace

Embroidering Denim Jean Knees

This reverse quilting design reinforces the knee, and with time the designs appear as the fabric wears! It is perfect for giving some padding to those prone to wear and tear on their knees.

Our ESA quilting glyphs are the perfect embellishment for your jean knees.

batting denim

Simply quilt with batting against the wrong side of the denim!  It leaves an awesome effect that is sturdy and wears well.

quilt glyph denim batting

Jean Bell Bottom Embroidery

Bellbottoms are not just for the 60’s anymore! We’re taking this to a new fashion level with our vintage lace embroidery designs!  

lace denim bottom insert

We created our vintage lace embroidery designs in the 1950s, perfect for your next denim embroidery project.

Use netting to support your design when embroidering, but you can sew larger, denser inserts without any changes.  

New to embroidering lace? Check out our complete tutorial on freestanding lace embroidery.

Conclusion: Get Creative Embroidering on Denim & Jeans

We love how easy it is to embroider jeans and denim!  Remember that you can renew and push even the oldest and most worn jeans ahead of the fashion curve!  With one of our amazing high-quality embroidery designs, you’ll transform your ordinary jeans into a personalized masterpiece! 

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