Embroidery Design: Embroidery Art Deep Water Mystery
3 sizes


Machine embroidery design:
embroidery art deep water mystery, Deep Water Mystery 265×400, aquatic, water, sea, sealife, ocean, octopus, diver, underwater

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This design comes in three sizes

Deep Water Mystery 200×300: 7.53w X 8.23h
Stitches: 103124

Deep Water Mystery 240×360: 9.16w X 9.91h
Stitches: 133327

Deep Water Mystery 265×400: 10.11w X 10.96h
Stitches: 153026

Colors: Robison-Anton Polyester
1. Baby Blue
2. Dolphin Blue
3. Cindy Purple
4. Baby Blue
5. Natural White
6. Favorite Deep Blue
7. Metal
8. Brown
9. Beige
10. Coffee Bean
11. Black Chrome
12. Cindy Purple
13. Baby Blue
14. Natural White
15. Brown
16. Dolphin Blue
17. Beige
18. Black Chrome
19. Dolphin Blue


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3 sizes”

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