2021 St Patrick’s Day Bundle

$75.30 $16.95

Irish you a happy St Patrick’s Day with new embroidery designs! 

It’s your lucky day!

Using these new designs will have you feeling like you just found a pot of gold! They’ll help to create personalized gifts, having your family and friends feel like they’re the lucky ones. This bundle includes 4 new festive design packs & a bonus patch that’ll bring you all the luck this St Patrick’s day:

  • New St Patricks Sayings (10 Designs)
  • New St Patricks Earrings (1 Design)
  • New St Patricks String Lights (1 Design)
  • New St Patricks Gnome (1 Design, 4 Sizes)
  • BONUS New 2021 St Patricks Patch (1 Design)

All you need is a four leaf clover …and embroidery designs! Impress your friends and family with this amazing limited-time St Patrick’s Day special offer. Plus, as our gift to you, save 77% when you order today!

You can get 17 new St Patrick’s themed embroidery designs for only $16.95 (regularly $75.30)! Believe me, you can’t find designs of this quality, at this price, anywhere else.


This bundle includes:

St Patricks Saying:
(10 designs)

  • Kiss Me Don’t Pinch Me (St Patricks Sayings 01):
    5.00w X 4.14h,
    Stitches: 17,315, Colors: 4
  • Oh So Very Lucky (St Patricks Sayings 02):
    5.01w X 3.52h,
    Stitches: 9,025, Colors: 4
  • Kiss Me I’m Lucky (St Patricks Sayings 03):
    4.59w X 5.02h,
    Stitches: 16,609, Colors: 5
  • Lucky Boy (St Patricks Sayings 04):
    4.71w X 4.13h,
    Stitches: 10,750, Colors: 4
  • Irish I Had Beer (St Patricks Sayings 05):
    4.92w X 3.60h,
    Stitches: 9,501, Colors: 2
  • Mister Lucky (St Patricks Sayings 06):
    4.99w X 4.90h,
    Stitches: 15,042, Colors: 4
  • Little Miss Lucky (St Patricks Sayings 07):
    4.08w X 4.52h,
    Stitches: 11,454, Colors: 5
  • Irish Princess (St Patricks Sayings 08):
    5.52w X 3.52h,
    Stitches: 15,583, Colors: 4
  • Lucky (St Patricks Sayings 09):
    5.01w X 2.73h,
    Stitches: 9,505, Colors: 4
  • Kiss Me I’m Cute (St Patricks Sayings 10):
    5.21w X 4.31h,
    Stitches: 17,329, Colors: 3


St Patricks Earrings: (1 design)

  • St Patricks Earrings:
    1.68w X 1.78h,
    Stitches: 2,954, Colors: 1


St Patrick String Lights: (1 design)

  • St Patrick String Lights:
    2.70w X 2.70h,
    Stitches: 4,076, Colors: 1


St Patricks Gnome: 

  • St Patricks Gnome: (4 sizes)
    5.86w X 7.03h, Stitches: 58,045
    2.93w X 3.52h, Stitches: 18,269
    2.52w X 3.02h, Stitches: 15,067
    2.10w X 2.52h, Stitches: 12,182
    Colors: 14


BONUS 2021 St Patricks Patch: (1 design)

  • 2021 Luck Of The Irish Gnome:
    3.95w X 3.95h,
    Stitches: 14,395, Colors: 14