Many bookworms have probably encountered a similar issue when marking a page in a good novel… Dog ear or bookmark? Maybe a piece of scrap paper or an old business card? Whether you’re an avid reader or you know someone who loves to read, a personalized bookmark is more than a functional gadget, it’s a special addition to someone’s favorite book. Plus, there are not many things better than getting cozy with a good story and a bookmark meant just for you.

How to embroider a in-the-hoop bookmark

In the Hoop Embroidery Bookmark Tutorial & Video

By the end of these 10 easy steps, you’ll have created the perfect embroidered gift (or maybe save it for yourself).

Click the video below to watch an easy-to-follow bookmark tutorial you can follow if you prefer.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your bookmark:

  • fusible no-show mesh backing 
  • water soluble backing (dissolve-away/ wash-away)  
  • adhesive spray 
  • invisible tape  
  • pre-wound bobbin to match the outside border color of the bookmark
  • Fabric: Light weight canvas, heavy cotton or twill
  • tassel (optional) 

Step 1:  Fuse no-show mesh to your fabric

Take the fabric you want to use for your bookmark and lay it so that the wrong side is facing up. You’ll also want to iron down the fabric first so that it lays completely flat onto your surface.

Place the fusible no-show mesh backing onto the fabric with the fusible side down. Iron the two pieces together.  

How to Create Embroidery In-the-hoop Bookmarks Step 1

Step 2:  Hoop your fabric

Flip the fabric over so that the fabric is facing up. Hoop with a 5”x7” hoop. If you are unfamiliar with hooping, click here to check out our hooping tutorial.

How to Create Embroidery In-the-hoop Bookmarks Step 1

Step 3: Embroider the first file of your bookmark

This will be the decorative front of your bookmark

How to embroider a bookmark step 3

step 4: Load the b file and sew out the back of the bookmark


Here, you can add lettering or customize however you wish.

How to embroider a bookmark step 4

Step 5:  Remove your hoop and carefully cut out the front and back of your bookmark

Cut as closely as you can to the outside edge without cutting the stitches.  

How to embroider a bookmark step 5

Step 6:  Secure your tassel to the bookmark

Take the back of your bookmark (maybe it has a name embroidered on it) and lay the embroidered side down on a table. Use a small piece of invisible tape to secure your tassel to the bottom-center of the design. Make sure to leave enough space between the tassel head and the embroidered border.  

How to embroider a bookmark step 6

Step 7:  Use adhesive spray to stick your bookmark pieces together

Take adhesive spray and spray the back of both pieces of your bookmark. Then, carefully line up the bookmark pieces and stick them together.  

how to embroider a bookmart step 7how to embroider a bookmark step 7.2

Step 8:  Run the placement line for your bookmark

Take a piece of water-soluble backing and hoop it into a 5”x7” hoop. You’ll also want to change the bobbin in your machine to a bobbin that will match the outside border color of your bookmark. Use the “C” file and run the placement line for your bookmark.  

Then, lay down your bookmark as perfectly as you can within the placement line. Run the second color of the “C” file. This will secure the bookmark and embroider the border which will hold the bookmark together. If you find that your tassel is getting in the way, simply tape it down. 

how to embroider a bookmark step 8how to embroider a bookmark step 8.5

Step 9:  Cut out the water-soluble backing from your bookmark

Remove your bookmark from the hoop and cut the water-soluble backing around the bookmark. Try to cut as close as you can without cutting into the stitches. Make sure the tassel is out of the way as you cut off the backing.

Once you finish cutting around the bookmark, flip it over and cut out the backing from the inside of the bookmark’s border. Cut as close as you can to the inside of the border without cutting the stitches.  

how to embroider a bookmark step 9how to embroider a bookmark step 9.5

Step 10:  Dissolve the water-soluble backing from your embroidered bookmark

Almost done! Take a bowl of warm water (as warm as possible, but not boiling). Add a drop of dish soap and dip your finger into the water. Slide your finger around the edges of the bookmark to dissolve the water-soluble backing. You will need to repeat this step until the backing is completely removed.  

how to embroider a bookmark step 10

That’s it! Your new bookmark is ready to hold your place in your next page-turner.

completed embroidery bookmark

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Start Your Next Chapter with an In the Hoop Embroidered Bookmark

Whether you want that perfect gift for a book lover, a young reader, or just to hold that delicious recipe in a cookbook, a bookmark is a great way to add a personal touch to any page.

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Happy stitching!