If you’re an embroidery beginner this article is for you! So you’ve finally found the perfect embroidery design online and can’t wait to see how it will stitch out! However, you’ve run into what seems like a big problem, you have no idea how to transfer the design from your computer to your embroidery machine. Stay calm and stitch on because in this blog I’ll show you how to fix this problem in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Finding Your Embroidery Design

I’m sure we can all agree when it comes to finding quality embroidery designs online it’s either a hit or a miss. Not all embroidery designs are created equal and what looks great on your computer screen can quickly turn into a not so pretty bullet proof embroidery design. Which is why we recommend you try some of our embroidery designs. Not only are the designs on our site digitized by the worlds most awarded digitizer (John Deer), but there are close to 30,000 quality designs to choose from which are guaranteed to stitch out exactly as they look on screen click here to view our design categories now. Or, if you’ve never tried our designs before, click here to download 5 designs absolutely free with our Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit.

After browsing the site I’ve decided on this “Elephant with baby” design.

Elephant Embroidery Design for USB

Now that I have my design selected I’ll simply add it to my cart and proceed to check out. After checkout is complete I will download my design. Now that my download is complete, it will show up as a zip folder in my downloads.

download embroidery design

Simply double click the zip folder to reveal its contents:

downloaded embroidery design

As shown there will be multiple files within the zip folder, no need to worry these are simply different file types for different machine brands.

Step 2: Loading Your Embroidery Design onto a USB Stick:

Now that we have our design downloaded to our computer we’re going to need a USB drive. The brand / type of USB does not typically matter as long as it has enough free space on it for the design.

USB stick with embroidery designs inside of computer

Plug your USB Thumbdrive into your computer via the USB port and open it. As you can see it showed up as “NO NAME” on my computer.

downloading embroidery designs

Next you’re going to select the design file from the Zip folder we downloaded. Because I’m using a Babylock machine, I’m going to select the PES file. Make sure you select the correct file type for your machine. If you don’t know what type of file formats your machine takes, click here.

Simply select the design file and either copy and paste it onto the USB or drag and drop it.

transferring designs

Now that our design is on our USB drive we’re ready to put it onto our machine!

Step 3: Transferring the Embroidery Design onto the Machine

Now we’re ready to transfer the design onto our embroidery machine because our USB is loaded and ready to go! Head over to your machine and turn it on. Now look for the USB logo on your machine, here’s what it looks like on mine:

USB Slot Embroidery Machine

Plug the USB into the machine:

Usb to embroidery machinemachine embroidery USB

Now for the final step, click the USB logo on the screen of your machine. You can now browse through the files that are loaded on the USB stick. Select the design you put onto the USB and you’re ready to begin!

elephant embroidery

Now go try it yourself by downloading our Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit & don’t forget to comment below if this tutorial was helpful or if you have any questions… Happy stitching!