Wedding season is upon us! You know, the one involving cake, music, dancing, and yes, embroidery! Get started now so your contribution is the belle of the ball.

EL wedding ideas

Let’s discuss ideas for weddings and all the following party events. Below you will find quick and easy designs to make your special personalized gift a lasting one.

Why Create Embroidered Wedding Gifts

We’ve all been to weddings; some have been in one! There are a lot of creative ideas for wedding presents, favors, and decorations, but have you ever thought of using embroidery?

You can customize your projects with names, dates, and wedding colors to personalize them, and they can also be budget-friendly!

When you think of anything wedding, you know a hefty price tag will be attached. But what’s better than saving money and custom-making something to remember that night for everyone involved in the wedding?

Let’s look at a few great wedding ideas to get you ready for the upcoming wedding season.

Wedding Embroidery Designs

Let’s start with gift ideas. Shawls, napkins, doilies, and tablecloths; are all available as blanks on the internet. Simply pick your design and stitch away for the perfect personalized gift!

Looking for high-quality machine embroidery designs? Check out our collection of 60+ wedding embroidery designs.

Wedding Embroidery Projects

Lace Wedding Embroidery Design Projects

Our freestanding lace embroidery designs are one-of-a-kind. They were originally created for the wedding industry back in the 1950s by European Schiffli Masters.

Lace always gives an elegant look for weddings. It’s the perfect embellishment for wedding dresses, veils, and hankies; you name it!

Veils look gorgeous with lace embellishments, and our vintage lace is perfect!

bridal veil lace

Lace embroidery looks tasteful on embroidery dresses.

lace wedding dress

You can personalize your napkins as wedding favors using your wedding colors. Or perhaps you want to create hankies (for a soon-to-be emotional father of the bride). Yes, you should prepare for the waterworks!

cutwork lace napkin

Learn how to create your own gorgeous cutwork lace napkin.

These wine glass charms and coasters can be personalized with different colors at tables to track what drink belongs to whom. They can also be a great party favor.

wine glass charms

Learn more about this metallic freestanding lace coaster design.

Why not create a personalized wedding tag for pictures or to accent decor?

3d foam wedding tag

Check out our 3D wedding tag embroidery design.

Doilies and lace bowls! Stiffen a doily with starch. Dry it over a bowl or cup.

This will create a long-lasting lace bowl that can be used for snacks, treats, flowers, or other items.

star lace doily

Check out this gorgeous lace doily embroidery design.

3D Embroidery Wedding Projects

When sitting at your assigned table, the lighting sets the mood. Why not embroider lovely tea lights for the wedding dinner? These can be made in any color to accent the decor perfectly.

Poinsettia tealight embroidery design

Learn how to create your own fun poinsettia tealight project.

3D flowers are a great alternative to real flowers that can be budget-friendly and a great keepsake for the future. They can be used for table decorations, headpieces or brooches and created with wedding colors.

clematis 3d flower headband

Check out all our gorgeous 3D embroidery flowers.

Customized Embroidered Projects for Bride & Bridal Party

We know you’ll find the perfect font to personalize items for your wedding couple with our great selection of machine embroidery fonts. A personalized project is a lasting gift for any occasion!

What’s more special than a customized pillow including the initial of the bride’s soon-to-be last name? Perfect for a bridal suite.

Hatch Personalized Project: Floral Monogram

Create your own beautiful personalized floral monogram frame with our Hatch project tutorial.

Skip the big bucks at the store and create a customized bridal jacket that your bride can treasure for years! Don’t forget to add extra embellishments for that extra sparkle.

bridal jacket

Personalized Embroidered Gifts

The bride or bridesmaids can use gorgeous wedding shawls when waiting for pictures or before the dancing begins. The brides can be white, while the bridal party accentuates their dress colors.

cutwork butterfly shawl

Brooches are the perfect gift for a mother of the bride or bridesmaids. They can be customized with different colors or embellishments.

fringe flower brooch

Check out our elegant fringe flower heart brooch design.

Conclusion: Make the Most Memorable Wedding Gift with Embroidery Designs

The wedding day is fun, but the wedding memories last forever! Make sure you help your special couple relive their special day with the perfect gift! We suggest thinking outside the norm and making your gift as special as your couple’s.

Until we stitch again, happy embroidering!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our 30,000+ high-quality embroidery designs to accentuate your next wedding project perfectly. Or, if you’re new to Embroidery Legacy, download 9 free embroidery designs, included a gorgeous freestanding lace design, with our Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit.