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Activate Your Exclusive Hatch Bonuses

Please read all the information below before activating your bonus

Congratulations on upgrading Hatch through The Deer’s Embroidery Legacy! You made an excellent decision and have scored yourself some amazing bonuses alongside updating your industry-leading Hatch embroidery software. Nicely done.

For upgrading Hatch through us, we’re including a bonus 1 month – 15 point membership to our fan-favorite Embroidery Legacy Design Club!

How Does Your Design Club Membership Work?

Your membership gives you 15 design point downloads to use within a month. These design point downloads allow you to personally choose embroidery designs from our giant database of close to 30,000 designs, and/or ESA embroidery fonts from our database of close to 1,000 font sets.

99% of the designs on our site cost only 1 point. These include free-standing lace, applique, regular-in-the-hoop & dozens of other categories shown below:

However, a few of our specialty designs require 5 points, as it took a considerable amount of time to create each one of them. These include:

ESA Font Sets

These keyboard font sets load directly into your Hatch or Wilcom E series embroidery software. They are all full sets of letters that include A through Z. They also include ESA Glyphs, monograms, flexi-fills and more. We have the world’s largest collection of close to 1000 ESA fonts.

Premium In-the-Hoop Projects

Want beautiful 3D embroidery projects that are both easy to create and stand out? Look no further than our premium in-the-hoop projects! Each premium project includes a step-by-step video tutorial that holds your hand every step of the way to make creating these stunning designs as easy as possible.

That said, with your 15 points you can download 3 ESA font sets (each ESA font required 5 credits), or 15 designs, or a mixture of both.

Here’s a brief video showing you how to use your design points to download designs:

Ready to Start Your Membership?

Please note that your membership will run for one month & cannot be paused. Download points do not carry onto the next month if you forget to use them. Like a gym membership or cell phone plan, it’s your responsibility to utilize your membership/points within the month.

Because of this, you don’t have to start your one-month membership immediately upon receiving your bonus coupon code. Your one month will not begin until you activate your code by clicking the button below & inputting your code. If you’re currently busy and would rather wait to use your one-month, feel free to do so. However, you must start your one-month membership & activate your bonus coupon code within one year of purchasing Hatch and receiving your bonuses.