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Do You Want To Create Your Own 3D Foam Friendly Designs?

Give Us 90 Minutes And You’ll Learn John Deer’s Award-Winning, Stress-Free Formula For Digitizing 3D Puffy Foam Designs

Finally start creating your own 3D embroidery designs so you can grab attention with dimension!

Save My Ticket – Only $24.95

Join Us On June 26th, 2021 at 4 pm or 8 pm EDT

Carol Smith Testimonial Image

“I would recommend John Deer’s classes to everyone

Even though I have been digitizing for around 15 years, I still learn heaps from John. He is an excellent teacher.

5 star review– Carol Smith

Learn 3D Puffy Foam Digitizing The Fun and RIGHT Way!

During this LIVE 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn everything you need to know to digitize your own foam-friendly designs using John Deer’s proven formula and techniques.

Instead of struggling through free online videos or articles that are full of fluff and conflicting information, sit back and learn from an award-winning 3D foam digitizer who will teach you what you need to know to make your own beautiful foam-ready designs!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • All aspects of the process from production to creation so you know exactly what to do at every step along the way – it’s almost like we’ll be holding your hand!

  • The specific properties and theories used for creating foam friendly designs, so that any and all guess-work is taken out of the equation.

  • John’s formula for creating designs using 3D foam, which will become your blueprint for adding dimension to apparel, promotional products, patches and (of course) baseball caps!

-Plus- Finishing tips for clean end results, so you’ll be proud to show off your work!

3d puffy foam embroidery

*Note: The theory and properties in this class will be applicable to any software brand. However, the demonstration will be done live within Hatch. You do NOT need software to attend this lecture based class*

Whether You’ve Tried 3D Foam Digitizing Before and Couldn’t Figure It Out, You’ve Never Tried It Because It Seems Too Overwhelming, Or You Are Ready To Tackle It….

This Live 90-Minute Webinar & Demonstration Is For You!

Join us on June 26th at 4 pm or 8 pm EDT to learn how to digitize attention-grabbing 3D Foam Designs

Save My Seat – $24.95

*Seats are limited to the first 1000 customers, so grab yours now!*

Sharron Westerfield testimonial

“Light years above attending a regular workshop. I cannot say enough positive things about John Deer… John is extremely knowledgeable and has a true gift for teaching the digitizing process in detailed but easy to understand terms.”

– Sharron Westerfield

Shirley Horton testimonial image

“I take every class John offers and continue to learn from a master. John is very patient and precise instructor and has a way of explaining things so they really ring home and you don’t forget.”

– Shirley Horton

Judy testimonial photo

“I have learned so much from John and his classes.  John’s instructions have made the Hatch software so easy to use and his method of teaching helps to make the process easier. I’m excited to continue to grow with the Deer family and become a confident digitizer.

– Judy DePollo

John Deer with 3D Puffy Foam Hat

Your Host: John Deer
CEO of The Deer’s Embroidery Legacy & the world’s most awarded digitizer

Back in the early 90’s was the first time I saw 3D Foam hit the market, at the time we ran a contract embroidery house and did customer work for some large licensing manufacturers so we, of course, had to learn and invent techniques for utilizing foam. It was one of the most difficult forms of digitizing I’ve ever had to master, it’s not natural to stick a foreign object under an embroidery machine while it’s running. By the time 1997 rolled around, I feel we were one of the best companies around who did work with foam.

So, at that time I did a 3 layer foam piece that to this day I think is one of the best to have ever been created. The commercial industry was also impressed as my Foam Bulldog cap won my first Grand Prize with EMB Magazine in 1998.

I’m excited to invite you to join me on June 26th at 4 pm or 8 pm EDT so I can share my 3D puffy foam formulas, tips, and tricks with you! I promise you’ll have a great time, so don’t forget to save your seat.”

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It doesn’t have to be complicated…

Now’s Your Chance To Learn How To Digitize 3D Foam Designs Without Stress Or Confusion!

Ready to learn the theory and principals needed to digitize foam friendly designs the right way?

Join us on June 26th at 4 pm or 8 pm EDT

Save My Seat – Only $24.95

*Seats are limited to the first 1000 customers, so grab yours now!*

Vimla Govender testimonial image

“I have gained a wealth of knowledge with John

He is always willing to share his knowledge and I would ‘hands-down’ recommend his classes to whomever is interested in digitizing. Journey along this path equipping yourself with tools and skills to accomplish whatever you love to design in the embroidery world. Do not even think about it, just go for it and you will NOT be disappointed!

5 star review– Vilma Govender

Frequently Asked Questions:

Great question! 3D Puffy Foam Embroidery (also known as foam embroidery) is great way to make your embroidery designs stand out – quite literally. By utilizing foam in your embroidery practice, you can add dimension to your designs and impress your friends, customers, and even yourself. This 90-minute live webinar will show you how to digitize your own designs and ensure they are foam-friendly.

No, you will not need either. Unlike many of our other classes that are hands-on, this webinar is educational in nature and does not include an application portion. This way, we can fit all the necessary information into this one webinar, and you don’t have to worry about having software or special supplies. Do keep in mind that everything you learn in this webinar will be immediately implementable so you can get started creating your own 3d designs as soon as you’d like!

Plus, you can watch the live webinar anywhere you have internet access & a device to access it

Nope! The techniques you will learn during this webinar will be able to be applied in any digitizing software. However, during the webinar we will be demonstrating the formulas and techniques in Hatch.

We understand that life can sometimes get in the way of fun. You can request a refund until June 19th, 2021, which is one week before the webinar airs live. If you do miss the live stream, a video replay will be available for one week after the webinar airs live as well.

No worries, you can replay the webinar for one full week after it goes live.

Not enough time? During checkout you will have the option to purchase unlimited replays for only $14.95 more.

Only $24.95! That’s all. We know that 3D foam digitizing can be intimidating, but we think that everyone should be able to try their hand at this fun and rewarding skill.

HURRY spots are limited!

Seats available on a first-come first-serve basis
Workshop Airs Live June 26th, 2021
Save My Seat – Only $24.95

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