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Join our Wilcom Hatch Facts Facebook Group

If you’ve never joined a Facebook group, now is the time to try! Our Facebook group is called “Wilcom Hatch Facts” and it’s the place to be for all things Hatch embroidery software! Joining our Facebook page gives you access to professional digitizers who use Hatch. Do you have a question? The Hatch Facts Facebook group is the place to get answers. If you ever get stuck, just go into the group and post your question. Hatch Facts is a comfortable group and no question is a stupid question, so you don’t have to worry about asking. We try out best to make sure that every question gets answered, and everyone can give an answer, not just the Admins. Everyone is very friendly & helpful!

Join our Wilcom Hatch Facts Facebook Group

There are many more benefits to joining Hatch Facts. There will be many people who are in the exact same position that you are. You may be a beginner digitizer, an embroiderer, or you have an issue that you can’t figure out. You’re not alone, and you’re not the only one! Often times, people begin questions with “this may be a dumb question” only to find out that 10 other people were wondering the same thing!

Hatch facts is also a great place to show off your accomplishments and build confidence in your digitizing work. Go ahead, post a picture of your work and get the group’s input or suggestions on your designs! Feel proud about your work! A confident digitizer is a great digitizer, indeed. Feeling down? This group will build you up and erase your frustration and encourage you to not give up.

The admins at Hatch Facts are made up of people that have years of experience in digitizing and embroidery, so we have the knowledge, patience and time to help you out with your projects. Hatch Facts also helps you learn new techniques and build up your digitizing skills. We have weekly (sometimes daily) posts with new techniques, troubleshooting skills, and our weekly Hatch Fact video which are short step by step videos showing you details on different tools and general how-to techniques. These videos are helpful and fun! You don’t want to miss any of them! This is a great way to have fun while learning how to digitize!

Join in the Hatch conversation and be around people working with Hatch – you never know what you can accomplish with the right kind of support. If you want to learn more, expand your digitizing skills, and join in a fun community of Hatch users, Hatch Facts is the place to be. See you in Hatch Facts!

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