Digitizer’s Dream Workshop Reviews

We ran a poll during the last live webinar of our first-ever Virtual Digitizer’s Dream Workshop, and 100% of attendees said they’d recommend our Workshop to a friend or fellow embroiderer (we had just under 1000 attendees)! Here’s what just some of them had to say…

Sheila Smoley testimonial image

“Attending the first ever Virtual Digitizer Dream Workshop was the best investment I could have made for my embroidery work

It doesn’t take long to realize how passionate John is about sharing his expertise of 35 years in the embroidery industry. He knows it inside and out and is VERY GOOD at teaching every aspect of what he knows… I understand more about the theory behind great embroidery I can now create and output better designs…. You will find making the small investment of time and money will payoff a thousand fold for your business or hobby.

– Sheila Smoley

Karen Copper testimonial image

“After many years dabbling in digitizing using a variety of software, learning from John’s “Digitizing Dream Course” has made a huge difference

His detailed explanations, visual up close demonstration and clear instructions are excellent. The advantage of being online was invaluable, I could stop and start (many times) the videos to learn and digitize at my own pace.  Highly recommended!

– Karen Copper

Monica Reuter testimonial photo

“The Virtual Digitizer’s Workshop has really been a fantastic learning experience

Having the teacher ”sitting beside” you at your home for two weeks explaining the foundation of embroidery stitching is a fantastic and fun way of learning. I enjoyed every minute! And with John’s way of talking and explaining it makes it so easy to understand even if you don’t have English as your native language.

– Monica Reuter

Alice Lance testimonial photo

“I have learned so much just from the first week lessons

Not only have I learned to use Hatch, I can use my other digitizing program more effectively.  John has explained the “why” of doing things a certain way. Now that my life is a bit less hectic, I can hardly wait to go on to the remaining lessons!

– Alice Lance 

Marsha Frost testimonial photo

“John Deers Virtual Digitizing Workshop was wonderful!

I learned so much because I could stop, do the lessons and go back an rewatch as many times as I needed to get each step down.

– Marsha Frost

Mary M Smith Testimonial Photo

“I would like to thank John Deer and his entire family for such a great webinar on digitizing 

I have been embroidering for a year and have watched a lot of youtube videos and this webinar blew them away! I have learned so much and have signed up for more classes. Thank you John Deer.

– Mary Smith 

Mary Allen testimonial photo

“It gave me so much information that is necessary for digitising and altering designs for my own use

I attended your online workshop and I really enjoyed it… I learnt something new that I missed before. Thank you so much for the great lessons. I really feel I benefitted so much from this course

– Mary Allen

Patricia Cornman testimonial photo

“I would like to say how great the workshop was

I really enjoyed the no rush aspect, and the theory behind digitizing was very informative.

– Patricia Cornman

Marry Mowery testimonial photo

“I have a major project goal & I will meet my goal!

I’m a retired RN & love learning. To that end, the Virtual Emb Digitizing Workshop was a perfect medium for me. I worked thru all the video lessons, am able to go back & take each step again at my speed. As I’m easily intimidated, I can absolutely work out each step with John’s clear & concise instruction. Unlike some programs, the theory was most beneficial for my mechanical brain to make beautiful designs. Thanks so much!

– Mary Mowery

Carol Smith testimonial photo

“Even though I have been digitising for around 15 years I still learnt heaps from John

I have just completed the Virtual Digitising workshop, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the course to be very informative and easy to follow along with. John guides you slowly through the process and explains what he is doing. You can stop the video at any time during the lesson and replay any part that is not clear. John even gives you his EMB file so you can check out how he completed the design. He is an excellent teacher. I would recommend his classes to everyone.

– Carol Smith

Nicole Turbide testimonial

“A great thank you for the best online workshop I ever had

It was fabulous, John is a great teacher. For sure I’m looking forward taking other classes and every single little youtube video I’ve been watching. Love the quality of the lessons.  It greatly shows that you do know your stuff. Thank you so much again for everything.

– Nicole Turbide

Faye Robinson testimonial photo

“This was a big Ah Ha moment as to why and how to really make good choices on creating great embroidery

Thank you and your team for providing such a high quality and well produced virtual digitizing dream course!  I am 4.5 years into this rabbit hole embroidery world and I just want to learn and understand it all.  Many years ago I began making cloth activity books by hand for my own children and family members.  Now pages are completed digitized, shapes and pieces are electronically cut and then embroidered specifically for my grands and gifted on their first birthday.  Gonna need another grandbaby to try out these new found skills and tweak what has already been done!  A new world awaits.

– Faye Robinson

Rhonda Sigrist testimonial photo

“Being able to attend from the comfort of home was “icing on the cake”!

Absolutely loved the Virtual Digitizing Workshop by John Deer! I purchased the class for my son and I to attend. I have been digitizing for a couple of years part time and my son has only been digitizing for a few months. We both learned so much through the class. John covers everything you need to know to get a great foundation in digitizing in an easy to understand class. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to digitize and the theory behind the creation of machine embroidery designs.

– Rhonda Sigrist

Anne Glendinning testimonial photo

“I can’t rate the Virtual Digitizer’s Dream Workshop highly enough

I’ve owned Digitizing Software for a few years now and watched several videos on specific digitizing how to’s and really didn’t pluck up the courage to go for it.  However, John Deer’s approach to teaching has given me the knowledge and confidence to progress.  He takes the complete beginner through a structured approach with sufficient theory background without over-whelming the learner. The structure of the course also gives ample time to go through the exercises and repeat if necessary.  One of the main advantages is that each attendee can work at their own pace and not feel under pressure to keep up with the more advanced participants.  John and his admin team are also on hand through the Facebook group to lend a helping hand and give encouragement when needed. Great class John and great teaching style. I highly recommend the class to anyone thinking about gaining digitizing skills.

– Anne Glendinning

Michelle Kuester testimonial

“Now I have an expanded knowledge and confidence in what I can do and try in the software

Your lessons on-line allowed me to work at my own pace and to stop the video, rewind the video and watch it over and over to catch the nodes you were digitizing in your lessons and to take notes for future use. Your theory and explanations were excellent in the class… Your positive attitude was very encouraging too! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the embroidery digitizers that are not commercial and probably never will earn a living at it, but enjoy creating for others and sharing the joy of embroidery.

– Michelle Kuester

Judy Stuart testimonial photo

“I would highly recommend to anyone if they’re at all interested in creating designs in a logical, proficient step by step way

I am so glad I took the online virtual digitizing classes created by Embroidery Legacy. John Deer wonderful way of teaching you, step by step, the principles go good basic digitizing in these classes, as he explains in detail, and shows you step by step how to achieve that perfect embroidery design you have been searching for… John Deer is a masterful, easy to understand teacher.

– Judy Stuart

Shonna Likens photo testimonial

“I think that those who elect to join you during your future online classes will enjoy it as much as I did

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed attending your Virtual Machine Embroidery Digitizing Workshop. You explained things in simple terms and supplied the videos that we could watch as many times as we needed to get the steps down pat. Thanks again for putting this class together. I think by having the class online with classes to work on during the week at our leisure makes taking the class less stressful and enjoyable.

– Shonna Likens

Janet Durill testimonial

“With his lessons your learning curve will be shortened and your progress to beautiful designs more pleasurable

I was bitten by the digitizing bug at 56 years of age. At the time I did not even have a computer. For the first few years it was trial and error and going to bed in tears. Finally, I started having success and was even able to find a few teachers. Now, 21 years later, I have had the privilege to take lessons from John Deer. While I made progress on my own, it would have saved me a great deal of frustration if I could have started with him. Get started right with a solid foundation… With the videos you can work at your own pace and be proud of your success.

– Janet Durrill

Grace Lovegrove testimonial photo

“I’ve sat on the side line for years, glad I finally did it

I am a complete beginner to digitizing… I am working through things at my own pace and the best thing is I am not feeling pressured or feeling like I holding any one else up. I am enjoying every minute of it.  I can go back over things, in my time, till I feel I have the hang if it. A huge THANK YOU to John Deer and the Deer family. You really have a way of teaching second to none.

– Grace Lovegrove

Tammy Isbell testimonial photo

“The timing of this workshop was so flexible even the busiest of people can now consider participation

 I learned more than I imaged and had quick, reliable help with my many questions by either John himself or his wonderful supportive staff… I would definitely sign up for another Virtual Workshop with John and his team any time

– Tammy Isbell

Gwen Moore testimonial photo

“I have been digitizing for many years and been in other classes but this one was second to none

Johns explanation while showing you the way to do the digitizing on the hatch software was clear and you felt that at the end of the course you certainly had learnt a lot. I would highly recommend johns workshops  I certainly will do another one.

– Gwen Moore

Wanda Ralphie Nix testimonial photo

“If you are at all interested in learning to digitize I highly recommend this workshop

I love the thought of not having to pack up and travel to a class and the it was available as a home class with no rush to finish in 2 days. Mr John is the most patient teacher (even though he says otherwise- lol). His willingness to share the 35 years of experience with us (even a beginner like me) makes this class a must for anyone. His explanations of each step is just unbelievably simple to understand. I’m looking forward to more online classes from this wonderful family of talented people.

– Wanda Ralphie Nix

Caroline Millsted testimonial photo

“I would like to recommend your Virtual Digitisers Dream Workshop to anyone wanting to learn the art of digitising

I have been dabbling with digitising for a few years now, purchased a lot of lessons but this Virtual one has been the one that has really registered with me and I now have more of an understanding ‘why’. I think it was because we had a time limit, so I knew I couldn’t think ‘I will do that later’. It had to be done or we lose the lesson content. So with that time constraint and the support of the Facebook page, where people answered my questions, when I was trying to understand it all, it was brilliant. Stitching out was so important as you can see your mistakes and go back to the software. Again to work out the ‘why’! Thank you for a great course, I have loved it!!

– Caroline Millsted

Kaye Parker testimonial photo

“The money spent on this Virtual Digitizer’s Dream Workshop has been the best money I’ve spent since I started embroidering and the class has taken my digitizing skill way beyond where I was a few weeks ago

When I saw the Virtual Digitizer’s Dream Workshop offered by John Deer of John Deer’s Embroidery Legacy, I quickly signed up and hoped this class would help me achieve my goal of learning to digitize my own designs. And I WAS NOT DISAPOINTED! John is an incredible teacher! During this class John taught us many techniques and tips he has learned from his 30+ years digitizing professionally. We learned to use the running stitch to created beautifully detailed designs. We also learned to use the satin stitch and Block Digitizing, and how to combine three stitches to create unbelievably detailed designs. We learned how Hotkeys can speed up our digitizing, and how important it is to digitize at a 6:1 ratio. We also learned when to use Open Digitize or Closed Digitize, how to use Redwork and Branching, True View and many other Hatch tools. I sincerely recommend this workshop, or any educational opportunity offered by John Deer, to any aspiring digitizers out there!

– Kaye Parker

Jacqui Viljoen testimonial photo

“For twice the amount it is still worth every penny

The best gift I could ever give myself for 2020 was doing your video classes with you. I am not English speaking so please excuse the grammar. I am digitizing, and training others to digitize for more than 6 years. A major change on little things has changed my view of a design before I start. My customers comes back and ask me if I now use someone else to do the digitizing. Need I say more? … I am sure my new reputation will double up my clientele and my students…  Please keep us posted with all your online courses so we far off in South Africa canalso benefit from this. Thank you a million times

– Jacqui Viljoen

Glenda T testimonial photo

“Who better to learn from than John Deer with all the beautiful designs that he has done over the years

I have been digitizing for over 15 years and wanted a refresher course on basics in digitizing.  When I saw John’s online class I could not wait to get signed up for it.  I loved the course and learned many new steps to making beautiful embroidery designs and the importance of the minimum and maximum stitch lengths for each stitch type.  My favorite part was using the fill stitch and building on the design by adding color on top of stitches.  Using the effects on the stitches to get the most unique fills in the designs.  The best part is not having that design that is bullet proof but yet filled with accents of color.  I got that excitement of a new digitizer watching the design stitch out on the machine. I feel this course is geared to the new digitizer and also greatly enhanced the learning of an experienced digitizer. John is a fantastic teacher as he tells you all the basics and shows you how to achieve success in your design. His explanations are geared to giving an understanding to why this is done and how it affects your outcome. The best part was being able to digitize with John and replay the videos of the lessons to make sure you understand the process. John and his family are all so talented and I say thank you the Deer family for taking the time to offer these lessons and help others to learn. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in digitizing their own designs to sign up for John’s lessons.

– Glenda T.

Christine Rau testimonial photo

“Digitizing is the last piece of my puzzle and I just haven’t been able to get it… until now

I believe I am one of the most digitizing challenged individuals on this planet. I have been embroidering for 30 years both as a hobby and a business. I can manage basic editing although I have top level software that I am not putting to good use. I have spent thousands on courses and workshops and the penny has never dropped… Attending John’s Virtual Workshop was my light bulb moment. To have my own tutor teaching the techniques step by step and being able to go back to the videos in my classroom and pause as I go through the steps, has been a game changer for me. I run a mobile embroidery business and just this weekend past, I have been able to put my new digitizing knowledge to good use and improve on the quality of my work… I actually have faith that I can do this… finally!!!! I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to digitize their own designs or just to learn their own software… Thanks John for helping me over this learning hurdle. I don’t think I’m going to be the best student who ever took your digitizing course, but I will keep trying

– Christine Rau

Tana Nasser testimonial photo

“You made this training session so very easy to understand for any first time embroiderer

This was my first digitizing course and I was a bit nervous when it started, however that quickly went away once I realized that the best way to learn it was to watch, re-watched then did pause/play videos and do each step AT my own pace.  I loved that so much! We purchased Hatch a few months back when we received our new machine so I’ve been learning bits and pieces on my own but after taking the virtual course, so much of it makes sense now a I know why things are done in a certain way when created… Thank you again for the experience, I cannot wait to get creative!

– Tana Nasser

Linda Hale testimonial image

“I believe this will give me the edge I need in order to make my business a phenomenal success

To all of you who are even considering taking these courses from the John Deer Legacy family, I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much of a success it was for me and my new business.  I learned the fundamentals that I needed plus more! …  These instructional and live videos provide not only the best way to approach each technique but how to correct it if you make a mistake… When you become a part of these sessions you are not just learning, you are becoming part of a family, and part of something bigger than you.  It was more than worth the money and time to attend these classes and I learned so much from them.  I look forward to getting an opportunity to attend future classes.

– Linda Hale

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