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Level 1 Lesson 2, 3 , 4 and certification lesson



In this lesson we will lay the foundation of what I like to call “Digitizings Best Kept Secrets”. These are the first rules I was taught by my Schiffli Mentor over 30 years ago. Although digitizing software was nonexistent at the time, I’ve found that applying these “Secrets” to modern software is the difference between creating designs that run well and designs that don’t.

Once the foundation is laid we will get started with practical exercises using your software that will teach you how to control the stitches you’re generating. You’ll quickly learn that what you input on your screen and what sews out on your machine doesn’t need to be a mystery. This first lesson is all about teaching you to have control of your software and the stitches produced.

In the last exercise within this lesson you will load the art file provided and follow me step-by-step with inputting and using the tools within your specific brand of software. Once done you’ll have completed an artistic sketchwork design, which encompasses just the right amount of detail and is stitch friendly when it sews on your machine.

Once you’ve completed the design you will want to sew it out on your machine to see the results. I have provided the original stitch file for you to run and compare. Based on the results I suggest you digitize the design a second time. I’ve found that when learning, the second attempt is always a bit better… seeing the results stitched out give you a better understanding what you did within the software.

The run time on this video is approximately 40-45min dependent on the software. Because these are Interactive lessons, the user will be following along, pausing and playing thru the process of digitizing the exercises. You can expect the time spent completing all the exercises within this and all our lessons will undoubtedly take many hours. Please keep in mind that there are many factors which will determine how fast each individual is, remember this is not a race.
BONUS VIDEO: Basic Digitizing Made Easy
Expert digitizer John Deer is a third generation embroiderer with over 20 years of digitizing experience. Having won over 30 awards for his creative digitizing techniques John will take the mystery out of digitizing and give you the necessary tools to get you started. By revealing his old-school techniques and incorporating them with today’s technology you’ll learn to integrate the best-kept secrets of digitizing no matter what software you use.

Included are all the principles of stitch types, underlay, push and pull compensation and how to path a design correctly.

Also included is a “Start to Finish” digitizing lesson, which includes your art and stitch files ready to apply everything you’ve learned.

Run time: approx. 3 hours 14 minutes


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