Embroidery Design: Steampunk fly small
3.87w X 2.29h


Machine embroidery design:

Steampunk science fiction fly insect cogs gears wheels embellisjment decorative

SKU: AISPK119 Categories: , , , , Embroidery Design Pack:


Stitches: 13870

1. Deviled Orange [R9038]
2. Ecru [R5532]
3. Rattan [R5774]
4. Coffee Bean [R5639]
5. Ivory [R5635]
6. Coffee Bean [R5639]
7. Amber Beige [R5636]
8. Brown [R5551]
9. Almond [R5779]
10. Honey [R5547]
11. Coffee Bean [R5739]
12. Deviled Orange [R9038]
13. Almond [R5779]
14. Brown [R5551]


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3.87w X 2.29h”

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