Embroidery Design: Motif C large
6.20″h x 8.85″w


Machine embroidery design:
Motif decorative embellishment pattern swirl swirls flower floral whimsical decor 1

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1. Petal Pink [R7701]
2. Satin Wine [R5614]
3. Grape [R5572]
4. Satin Wine [R5614]
5. Petal Pink [R7701]
6. Satin Wine [R5614]
7. Wheat [R5761]
8. Satin Wine [R5614]
9. Limerick [R9121]
10. Wheat [R5761]
11. Grape [R5572]
12. Satin Wine [R5614]
13. Wheat [R5761]
14. Limerick [R9121]
15. Petal Pink [R7701]
16. Satin Wine [R5614]
17. Grape [R5572]
18. Satin Wine [R5614]
19. Limerick [R9121]
20. Petal Pink [R7701]


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6.20″h x 8.85″w”

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