Embroidery Design: Mermaid Queen
3 sizes


Machine embroidery design:
mermaid queen, mermaid, fantasy, underwater, fish tail



This design comes in three sizes and 3 low density

Mermaid Queen Large: 7.15w X 11.50h
Stitches: 110638

Mermaid Queen Large low density: 7.15w X 11.49h
Stitches: 92064

Mermaid Queen Medium: 5.75w X 9.23h
Stitches: 83515

Mermaid Queen Medium low density: 5.75w X 9.23h
Stitches: 70079

Mermaid Queen Small: 4.34w X 6.97h
Stitches: 59248

Mermaid Queen Small low density: 4.34w X 6.97h
Stitches: 50551

Colors: Robison-Anton Polyester
1. Teal
2. Neon Green
3. Black Chrome
4. Baby Blue
5. Mustard
6. Pink Sherbert
7. Beige
8. Natural White
9. Black Chrome
10. Red


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3 sizes”

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