Embroidery Design: Leaping Tiger
7 sizes


Machine embroidery design:
Feature leaping tiger, Leaping Tiger 14, animal, mammal, jungle, realistic, wildlife, tiger



This design comes in 7 sizes

Design 1: 8.99w x 7.87h
Stitches: 86121

Design 2: 10.03w x 8.78h
Stitches: 98447

Design 3: 12.03w x 10.53h
Stitches: 124026

Design 4: 14.03w x 12.28h
Stitches: 151426

J-6939 Leaping Tiger Large: 8.04w x 7.01h
Stitches: 51643

J-6939 Leaping Tiger Medium: 7.03w x 6.13h
Stitches: 42841

J-6939 Leaping Tiger Small: 6.04w x 5.26h
Stitches: 35373

Colors: Note: refer to the color run pdf for each design as the color can vary between sizes
1. Hot Pink
2. Black Chrome
3. Brown
4. Coffee Bean
5. Sunflower
6. Dark Texas Orange
7. Beige
8. Natural White
9. Dark Texas Orange
10. Brown
11. Coffee Bean
12. Beige
13. Natural White
14. Hot Pink
15. Brown
16. Black Chrome
17. Natural White


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7 sizes”

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