Embroidery Design: Freestanding Earrings Vol. 1 Collection


These easy free-standing embroidered earrings are perfect for putting together any outfit! Whether you want them to be subtle or add some bling, these earrings are chic, fast, easy to make, and ready to wear in no time.

Plus, they’re currently on sale; get all 6 styles for only $9.95 (save 58%)!

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Six earrings included in this set. Add gems to make them sparkle! Step by step project instructions are included in the download.

Watch this video tutorial on how to create these cute earrings:

Earrings Vol. 1 – 1: 2.93w X 1.42h
Stitches: 5863

Earrings Vol. 1 – 2: 2.80w X 1.51h
Stitches: 5896

Earrings Vol. 1 – 3: 2.83w X 1.58h
Stitches: 5493

Earrings Vol. 1 – 4: 2.92w X 2.01h
Stitches: 7274

Earrings Vol. 1 – 5: 2.82w X 2.50h
Stitches: 7657

Earrings Vol. 1 – 6: 2.54w X 2.37h
Stitches: 4437

1. Poinsettia