Embroidery Design: Cutwork flower K
4.94w X 4.96h


Machine embroidery design:

Springtime garden cutwork flower floral plant leaves swirls embellishment fancy decorative elegant

SKU: AISGC111 Categories: , , , Embroidery Design Pack:


Stitches: 13138

1. Celery [PF244]
2. Maui Green [PF218]
3. Violet Red [PF1085]
4. Hot Pink [PF127]
5. Maui Green [PF218]
6. Celery [PF244]
7. Maui Green [PF218]
8. Winter Spring [PF243]
9. Celery [PF244]
10. Light Pink [PF102]
11. Laurel Pink [PF105]


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4.94w X 4.96h”

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